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Libopay’s Ease-of-Use

Using Libopay is easy! With just a few steps, you’ll be all set to sending money to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Simply create an account on or install our application on through our QR code. You may also use this link:

After you’ve finished inputting your profile information, select deposit, currency, mode of payment and amount to be deposited.

Whether you choose to send crypto or fiat, you must confirm and verify payment via coinspayment. Once the transaction is complete, the amount of balance left on your account will be displayed on top of the dashboard based on the currency it’s set to show.

To start sending money, type in the receiver’s email or phone number (Please note that before you may send or request money to other users by phone, you must add your own phone number first). Don’t forget to add the country code before their mobile number. You can send or request money to both registered or unregistered users. If the receiver does not yet have a libopay account, then an email or text message will be sent to them with the sign-up link for them to register and get the money you sent. Users may also exchange their deposited balance from one currency to another. Simply select the currency where you have a balance and the currency you wish to exchange it to.

For larger transactions, you may also be asked to update your KYC for verification. This is to prevent Libopay from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities or terrorism funding. This also enables us to better understand and help with your financial dealings while managing risks and ensuring fraud protection.

Libopay uses live exchange rates on to make sure all exchanges are fair and safe.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.
Pay with Libopay.

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A global payment platform that allows easy access to payment using cash, crypto or credit card.

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