Libracamp’s 1st Bootcamp — Summary

Dec 25, 2019 · 5 min read

They say every end is a new beginning, and indeed, as the Libracamp first bootcamp has now ended, holiday season is beginning right after it. But it’s not just vacation that the future holds — preparations for the next virtual camp are underway :-)

So (drum roll please) -

Let’s hear it for them!

This outstanding team has managed to pass the 1000 points bar, surpassing anything we’ve expected!

Based in Thailand, they are well-known central figures in the blockchain ecosystem. As shown in their video pitches on the platform, their development revolves around several areas: an advanced Libra wallet (with 50K users & 10K active accounts), the “M5Stick” smart watch & wallet, a decentralized exchange, interfaces with local businesses allowing one to buy coffee with crypto — and more.

The team has performed superbly, delivering according to important milestones in their business roadmap. We are proud and honored to have worked with KULAP, and look forward to more fascinating developments as they move on to obtain a decentralized exchange license in Thailand, create strategic b2b partnerships, enlarge their user base and evolve with the global crypto ecosystem.

Apart from KULAP, we had 4 other talented teams In the bootcamp, who have all made impressive progress pursuing their innovative vision, developing and delivering game-changing blockchain technologies. The choice of a winner was hard, as all teams accomplished notable achievements during the bootcamp period. We are grateful to have had the privilege to work with such great minds. Here are the other finalists:

BrainRex — Masters of AI and ML technology, they are computer scientists who pursue the important mission of automated anomaly detection, for developers, powered by deep learning. Their API products understand time series and natural language, and provide an advanced technological edge for organizations wishing to tackle complex AML requirements.

They have filed a proposition with MIT for a Digital Currency Initiative Paper, and have scored very well in the Stanford “SQuAD” test (“Question Answering”), with accuracy rates of almost 95%. The team has recently grown by 3 new members, and has secured a partnership with leading crypto data provider Kaiko.

Bitfy — The rising star from Brazil provides a non-custodial wallet for the first multi-use cryptocurrency wallet in this vast country, allowing direct purchases with cryptocurrencies.

The team has recently finalized a contract with Cielo, the largest Brazilian credit and debit card operator. With their growing team and soon-to-be new offices, they keep pushing towards further expansion in the Brazilian market, as well as breaking out to international markets. In particular, part of the vision is to lead crypto in South America and help users in weak economies achieve access to cryptocurrencies.

pLibra — These Chinese wizards, who are prominent figures in the ecosystem, develop a privacy-preserving technology for blockchains such as Libra. Privacy is an issue of the utmost importance, and they are tackling it by creating a software “bridge” based on Polkadot and the Phala.Network.

The team includes Bitcoin Gold’s co-founder and a “Tencent”er, and they’re pushing forward in their milestones of launching a blockchain POC, and later in 2020, a testnet followed by a decentralised mainnet.

LibraMask — This North American based team has developed a browser extension, enabling users & developers to interact with the Libra blockchain. It is a Web 3.0 developer tool, allowing credentials storage, management of accounts, wallets and all associated crypto keys, and other abilities. They have recently added features of object injection, moving towards defining a framework for a decentralized private key recovery/creation and enabling of multiple accounts and multiple networks.

Additionally, along the way and in the pre-camp stages, we have communicated and worked with other interesting teams as well: Atomic Swaps, SharpShark, 2Key, Stably, Pngme, Valiu, Middletrust,, Galaxis Network, Agryo, BlockState, BitHyve, Lovecrypto, Wist Network, chainsfr, BTM Blockchain Technology, BestRate, White Matrix. These teams remain part of our ecosystem and community, and we highly value the potential of working with them in the future.

What We Learned

This camp was a great privilege for us. We had the honor of accompanying 5 talented blockchain teams in their business activity, helping them build sustainable projects based on strategic planning & execution of business, product and technology milestones. We have managed to connect the teams with prominent figures from our mentor network, who have provided them with valuable advice and guidance.

The camp was the “alpha version” of our virtual accelerator, and we’ve learned a lot in the process. To understand where we succeeded and where we erred, we have collected some valuable feedback from our teams based on a questionnaire we’ve put together.

The scoreboard in the camp’s final stages.

In general, we got the impression that the teams found the camp useful and productive. We were happy to see the total amount of votes on our platform climb to the hundreds. Several areas in which we could improve were detected in the process: our communications around voting, creating more interaction between the bootcamp teams, our platform’s UX (e.g. more login options), broadening our VC network and strategic partners, and more. But we were glad to find that Libracamp has managed to provide value and help the teams advance in their business plan.

Also, seeing the impressive progress made by our talented teams, we feel we can pat ourselves on the back for the good choice of bootcamp participants :-) We feel this has been a mutual journey for us and the teams, with mutual gains for both sides.

As we explained in the previous blog, we chose the subject of Libra as our first camp’s theme since we believe it could be a complete game-changer in the field of digital money. As delays uncovered in the Libra project, we are somewhat moving away from this concept in future bootcamps, shifting more towards decentralized finance and related fields.

We’d like to thank our mentors network, and all teams who took part — from the initial application phase, through the pre-camp stage, and of course in the camp itself. We are grateful to all who took part, supported, advised, mentored, voted, and helped us turn this into a reality.

See you in the next camp!

As always, you are most welcome to drop us a line at, follow us on Twitter, or join our Telegram community :-)



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