LPN Coming Up

Hello everyone! Welcome back to this week’s LPN Coming Up! We’ll be sharing with you key events coming up this week (16th May — 20th May):

On Monday:

If you need advice on how to get started with your career research or help using your CareerConnect account join this Zoom drop-in session and talk to a member of the Careers Information and Advice Team online!

Join us on this opportunity to explore, discuss and learn about new industries and business realities. Take the opportunity to network and meet like-minded individuals and mentors.

On Tuesday:

Our Academic Writing workshop will focus on the skills and techniques needed to plan, structure and write an effective essay.

Come along to this event to learn how to combat procrastination and reduce the need for perfectionism. Having high standards is good but not if they make everything in life so challenging that we are exhausted before we have even started!

Come along to learn about the nature of the mind and what we can do to alleviate stress. This workshop is run by the University of Manchester Counselling and Mental Health Service.

On Wednesday:

The online Library drop-in gives you the opportunity to speak to a friendly member of the Library and Student Team to get support and guidance on using the Library’s resources or services. During this assessment period, guidance will be provided on revision strategies to get you through your assessments.

This 30 minute information session will explain what dyslexia (and other specific learning difficulties) are and how to access support.

Join this workshop to use a model for critical analysis in order to inform your critical thinking and support your analysing of new information. This will help guide you in critically examining the new knowledge in the context of what you already understand.

On Thursday:

Look out for our weekly tips published every Thursday on our Medium blog!

Come along to l learn about what it means to read critically. Gain an opportunity to ask questions about critical reading skills such as actively engaging, and using provided materials.

Do you find yourself struggling to manage time? In this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to prioritize different commitments and understand the need to re-prioritize when necessary.

And on Friday:

Come along to this event that is part of Trafford pride, and view this series that challenges perceptions about gender construction and performance, Your Own Light finds a tender beauty.

Come along to this event that is also a part of the Trafford pride series. Through movement, sound and spoken word watch the artist explore their memories and reflect.

That was this week’s LPN Coming up! We hope you get involved in the events taking place and make the most of them. Remember to check the LPN Channels regularly for the most up-to-date event information!




Ran by the Student Team and recent graduates to provide personalised support for current students

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Library Student Team

The University of Manchester Library Student Team

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