LPN Weekly Catch-Up 26/03/2021

Hello all and welcome to the LPN Weekly Catch-up! This week, we are sharing some great opportunities and events once again. Below you can find the video and summary of the week:


This weeks Opportunity Tuesdays was a long one! There are so many insight days, grants, summer Internships and student Experience Internships to check out with deadlines coming up very soon.

Student Partner Programme

The Student Partner Programme is a rolling contract, which means you can apply anytime. It will allow you to participate in improving student experience through projects around the University.

Searching together

Searching Together is an event where students come together for a fixed amount of time and search for information for their coursework.

Do I have dyslexia?

Do I have dyslexia? A workshop designed for students who think they might have dyslexia or another learning difficulty.

Library drop-in

The Library Drop-in is a session you can go into and out of at your own pace to resolve issues related to IT, referencing, or writing an essay.

Interview Practice Day

If you would like to perform better in interviews, take a look at what the University has to offer. You will be able to gain simulated interview practice and improve your skills.

Netflix quiz with the International Society

This week, we had the pleasure of quizzing on a favourite hobby— Netflix watching! Check out more International Society events using the link.

2021 UK-China International Photography Competition

You have until the 3rd of May to use your phone and capture a precious moment of caring.

Student Team Tips

Finally, Student Team Tips: ‘Easter break and revision’. Learn more about revising with incomplete notes, time management and self-care.

That is all for this week. Stay tuned and see you all next week!




Ran by the Student Team and recent graduates to provide personalised support for current students

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Library Student Team

Library Student Team

The University of Manchester Library Student Team

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