LPN Weekly Catch-Up Video 05/03/2021

What you missed this week — 05/03/2021

Hi and welcome to this Weekly Catch Up! This week, we are sharing with you some great opportunities and events once again! Below you can find the video and summary of the week:

Catch Up Video

LPodcastN #7

Firstly, we have the LPN podcast #7 MAP/MDAS special (Manchester Access Programme/Manchester Distance Access Scheme), overcoming impostor syndrome and the culture shock of starting at the University of Manchester.

Do I have dyslexia?

Do I have dyslexia? A workshop designed for students who think they might have dyslexia or another learning difficulty.

The Tutor Trust

The Tutor Trust, a charity that provides tuition to under-represented students across Greater Manchester are looking for tutors.


Opportunity Tuesday, this week we shared a ton of opportunities related to the Summer Internships, Student Experience, and Research Internships.

Get Experience: Virtual Assessment Centres

Get Experience: Virtual Assessment Centres is a chance to practice the final stage of the recruitment process used by many graduate employers.

Searching Together

Searching Together is an event where students come together for a fixed amount of time and search for information for their coursework.

“It’s all in your head”

“It’s all in your head”: The experience of disabled women in higher education talk happening on Monday to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Student Team Tips

Finally, Student Team Tips: What is the importance of tutorials and seminars in your course? How did you prepare for them?

That’s all for this week. Thank you for listening, stay tuned for more!




Ran by the Student Team and recent graduates to provide personalised support for current students

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Tips for memorising students names to improve with-it-ness and classroom management.

Tips for memorising students names to improve with-it-ness and classroom management.

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Library Student Team

Library Student Team

The University of Manchester Library Student Team

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