LPN Weekly Catch-Up Video 12/03/2021

Hello all and welcome to the LPN Weekly Catch-up! This week, we are sharing some great opportunities and events once again. Below you can find the video and summary of the week:

International Women’s Day

Meet Hannah Ward, Feya Mattis and other exceptional women educated at the University of Manchester in our celebratory International Women’s Day blog post.

Searching Together

Searching Together is an event where students come together for a fixed amount of time and search for information for their coursework.

Do I have Dyslexia?

Do I have dyslexia? A workshop designed for students who think they might have dyslexia or another learning difficulty.

Library Drop-in

The Library Drop-in is a session you can go into and out of at your own pace to resolve issues related to IT, referencing, or writing an essay.

#OpportunityTuesday — Paid Student Intern Opportunity

There are very important things going on. You can apply to a paid Student Partner Intern Opportunity, planning projects and improving the teaching and learning experience of students.

Target Job Aspire Event for Black Heritage Students.

A career’s insight event for black heritage students, wishing to learn more about careers in business and law and to learn various C.V. skills via workshops. Two dates are available — the 19th March and 23rd April. Sign up soon!

First Insight Careers Workshops coming up next week

Sign up for a workshop on the 24th March to gain job insights into your chosen sectors of work.

The Tutor Trust

The Tutor Trust is a non-profit charity working in the Manchester and Liverpool areas to deliver tutoring to under-represented pupils. Their next information session is on the 31st March.

Sharing is caring

Rachel, one of the Student Team Members, shared her experiences of coping with Mental Health and gave some very useful tips. If you are struggling, know that you are not alone.

Student Team Tips

Finally, Student Team Tips: ‘How to formulate and articulate a coherent argument?’ What does that involve? Click to learn more.

That’s all for this week. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more!




Ran by the Student Team and recent graduates to provide personalised support for current students

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Library Student Team

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