Navigating Online Teaching: Group Etiquette

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Why is teamwork important?

Plan ahead

  1. Group members: How many will be involved? Will they be allocated by the lecturer or will you need to form your own group?
  2. Tasks: What is the task to be performed?
  3. Time: How long will the whole group project take and when is it due?

Form your group

Plan your group work

  1. Time: How often you should meet up, and a common time for everyone to meet up regularly
  2. Deadlines to be met: You can set up internal deadlines, such as when to finish researching materials, and when to start designing the slides. You can use Microsoft Excel to document and manage your timelines, or Microsoft Project if you can access it
  3. Role assignment (if required): E.g. a timekeeper (to keep everyone on track) and a group leader (to initiate comments, etc.), a record keeper (to summarise to-do lists after each meeting and to share them on group chat)
  4. Where to keep your materials: E.g. one drive/common google drive for everyone to upload materials/PowerPoint/word documents?
  5. Task assignment: Allocate tasks to everyone in the group (e.g. if the assignment is to provide an overview of the accounting industry, one could work on the accounting bodies and regulator, another could work on famous corporations in the accounting industry e.g. the Big 4 etc.)

During your group work

  1. Have someone to summarise what’s being discussed in each group meeting and upload it into the group chat so everyone can refer to it when preparing for the next meeting/materials
  2. If someone’s not turning up, a group member can politely message them privately to know if something has happened or if they need help with anything. If there is no reply, inform other group members and come to a common solution
  3. Be sensitive to time zone differences - as most of the group mates might be working remotely from different time zones, you will need to be understanding. This also means that communication will have to be in advance, which requires good planning and management of time (which leads back to the first step- plan your group work!)

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