Student Weekly Tips: After Exams, What’s next?

A huge well done for completing your Semester 1 exams and submitting any assignments due! It is a great achievement to have done so and you deserve to feel very proud.

You may feel many different things from having gotten through deadlines and might not know what to do between exams and Semester 2. Our student team have put together some ideas and thoughts on your post exam experience.

Reflecting on the Exam Period

Somebody reflecting
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“I find exams to be really stressful; looking and wondering about what I’d written stresses me out a lot. When exams come to an end, I tend to not worry myself about my performance in the exam but rather have a think about what revision techniques worked and what did not. This would involve storing any websites or apps that I found online. Having a revision resource stored like this helps.” — Raghav, Mechatronic Engineering

“Exams are generally satisfying for me. Knowing that it is now over and I can now focus on other things. However, this satisfaction is often short-lived as I always find myself worrying about “what if I had written that important case?” or “what if I had quoted that particular judge in the right sections of my answer?” One of my coping mechanisms is reminding myself that things are out of my hands after submitting my answer scripts. The only thing I can do is to learn to not make similar mistakes in the future. I also remind myself that perfection is not always attainable and that is okay.” — Fatimah, Law

“However you feel, it is always good to observe those feelings and to take notice after exams. I find this helpful to reflect but not to dwell too much on the outcome and to prevent spiralling into worry about it. After your exams, it might even be a nice idea to go for a meal or drink with others to let your mind rest for a bit too.” — Rachel, Fashion Management and Marketing

“It’s nearly always the case that I feel frustrated after an exam because there were some questions I could have answered better. To balance out the brain’s natural bias towards the negative, I make a conscious effort to remind myself of the questions I answered well and that it’s normal to not know the answer to everything! Then I’m in a calmer state of mind to reflect on what areas or methods of revision I could maybe have improved on to optimise my chances of doing well in future exams.” — Olivia, Psychology

Relaxation Methods

“After exams, I clear out all of my books and any other thing that could take my mind back to the concluded exams. I relax by catching up on things I might have missed during the exams. These include spending more time on social media and watching thrillers.” — Fatimah

“I will have wanted to do certain things during exams, and I’d usually make a note of it on my phone to look over later. Small reminders would pop up in my head and I’d want to declutter all these reminders, so I’d write them down! After assessments, I would go through these to-dos, and they’re usually hobby-oriented. I’d love to listen to some music, catch up with friends, read a new book and do the things that relax me!” — Salma, Politics and International Relations

Person doing the balasana yoga posa
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“Breathing techniques really help me to centre myself away from both external and internal noise as well as doing one or two yoga positions for a couple of minutes (one of my favourites being balasana/child’s pose). Even just doing these on your bed in between studying can be so relaxing. I also find that regular walking and spending time outside can really help to manage any distracting thoughts and calm my brain.” — Rachel

“I usually have a to-do list of admin that I would have built up over the exam period, which I work through at a leisurely pace (exams were stressful enough!). It gives my mind something to focus on as I sometimes feel lost (though also very relieved!) following exams. Relaxation is important so I treat myself to a bubble tea, do yoga or play squash or table tennis and go walking outside.” — Olivia

Visiting Friends and Celebrating End of Exams

A group of friends cheers-ing their drinks
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“A party right after exams or a weekend trip are my go to ways to forget about the stress I’ve been through and celebrate the completion of a semester. Breaking routine helps me feel like I’m actually taking time off and not just procrastinating.” — Raghav

“I love visiting family and friends after exams but everyone is often busy with their lives, so agreeing on specific dates is often difficult. I take myself out or do some shopping and watch movies and YouTube videos” — Fatimah

“Celebrating the end of assessments is really important! It gives me the energy to refresh and be motivated to start a new semester. I’ll often arrange a movie night with friends, the escape is quite nice.” — Salma

“It’s always a great idea to have something in the diary to celebrate or at least do something different to studying after your exams. However you feel after, you deserve the break, time and space from focusing on work. Seeing friends and family or booking something to do around Manchester is a great way to maintain perspective on things.” — Rachel

That’s all for this week; we hope you found reading about our experiences useful! In next week’s blog post we’ll have our tips on preparing for Semester 2.




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