Student Weekly Tips: Easter is here! What now?

This week we have a quick tips on activities and things to do during easter. The library student team is taking a break ourselves and we hope you are resting and enjoying your break!

easter eggs on white surface with letter blocks spelling ‘happy easter’
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What do you do during easter? Traditions and activities.

“During Easter I usually go back home to visit my family and spend some time with them. We would cook together, and my little sister would paint some Easter eggs! Generally, Easter for me is visiting my family and having relaxed time at home for a bit after the semester.” — Jakub, Physics

colorful easter eggs assorted in basket over green grass
Photo by Leodgario Pescador on Unsplash

“I always set out time in the Easter break, particularly over the Easter weekend, to have a complete break from my studies and spend some time catching up with friends and family. It can be easy to isolate yourself at this time and see the Easter break as a time to catch up on as much work as possible, but it’s really important to take some time to switch off and enjoy yourself after a busy second semester and ahead of a demanding and stressful assessment period. I often go into the Easter break feeling quite exhausted but also overwhelmed about the amount of work I still have left to do, but I always find that I am in a much more positive mindset to take on the end of the year after I have taken this time to properly recharge and relax.” — Lily, History

Yellow bird plush toy on brown surface
Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash

“I usually set aside time to spend with family and friends. It’s more than okay to not have a set of traditions that you do, each year can be different! If you’re away from friends and family, you can still do things together. Just the other day I spent it watching a movie with friends on teleparty, or you can find another way to create your own traditions.” — Salma, Politics and International Relations

“It’s my birthday month so I love putting in additional events and time with friends and family to celebrate. Even if it is a walk locally with someone I have not seen for ages it is always nice to have a few activities in the diary. I also visit my parents for Easter weekend which is always a really nice escape and bit of time off for myself, even though we don’t really celebrate Easter”. — Rachel, Fashion

Brown wooden bench against colorful backgound
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Tips for Easter activities with your family and friends.

Making sweets or cooking together with your friends and family is a great activity and also you will have a load of fun and food after as well! Perhaps showing your friends what is the tradition in your country during Easter or trying local traditions will let you explore more about the culture around you. And of course, the classic Easter egg hunt!” — Jakub, Physics

colorfully assorted easter eggs against brown basket on grass
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

“If the weather stays nice over Easter, I will always go out for some nice walks and days out with my family. If you are staying in Manchester over the break there are so many nice places to walk that are not too far to travel to, such as parks in Greater Manchester like Heaton Park or Fletcher Moss Park as well as countryside that’s a little bit further away like the Peak District. There are also lots of places for a day out or overnight stay that are a short drive or train away from Manchester that are great to visit, such as York or Chester. But obviously there are also so many great things to do without having to leave Manchester that you might not have had chance to visit during term time, for example the many great museums and galleries (and some of them are free!)” — Lily, History

green and brown mountain view infront of clear lake
Photo by James Armes on Unsplash

“I read some recent articles by students that inspired me and let me know some nice places to explore for Easter! Here is the articles I’ve read on what to do in Manchester this spring, and how to make the most of the Easter holidays. You can read our latest weekly tips how to turn off in your easter break and our tips on what to do in Manchester over the break. Click on the underlined words to access the links and the relevant webpages.”- Salma, Politics and IR

That’s all for this week’s student tips! We hope you enjoy your break and have a good Easter.




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