Student weekly tips: Making the most of being a student.

Welcome back to another weekly tip! This week the student team gave their advice on how to make the most of being a student.

Meal recipes/meal planning recommended by the student team.

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For most days I prefer cooking as I find it to be relaxing and helps me take a much needed break. I often use weekends to meal prep and experiment with recipes. YouTube channels such as Ethan Chlebowski, Adam Ragusea and Pro Home Cooks as well as websites such as Beat the Budget have helped me develop my arsenal of cookings as a student. For saving and creating recipes I use Whisk. It’s very easy to order takeaway and fast food but always having something in my freezer has really changed my outlook towards food. The key to meal prepping as a student is to make everything as convenient as possible, buy and prep in bulk and freeze individual portions!- Raghav Vashishtha, Mechatronic Engineering

One thing I found a lot was that things went off really easily when I liked to cook fresh food. If you have the space, anything like fresh herbs, ginger and a lot of veg can be frozen. I tend to chop things up then put these in the freezer for future use so it means they are pretty much ready to go when I want to make a curry or stew, you guarantee something nutritious and you are less likely to waste food and money. Again, check if you can freeze each ingredient but it’s a great way to get something tasty, nutritious and varied and batch make- I even use bulgar wheat and couscous as opposed to rice a lot of the time!- Rachel, Fashion Management and Marketing.

I try my best to eat home cooked meals for the better part of my degree because the cost of eating takeout twice is enough to feed me for a week when I cook my meals. I only eat out when I just need to have a different taste from what I’m used to and often plan this in advance and ensure that this falls on days when discounts are offered. This way, I am able to save up and spend my money on my other hobbies. Occasionally, I also eat out with my friends to socialise and catch up on what we’ve all been up to.-Fatimah, Law

Things to do as a student.

As a student, you have access to more facilities and societies than at probably any other stage in your life. Trying out new sports with Sporticipate is a fun way to have a taster of something different for free. The variety of societies is also a great way to find a balance between different activities. For example, I joined the university wind orchestra, but am also part of the rocketry and hiking societies. This way I have a balance between my studies, music, new scientific knowledge and outdoor activity. Other than at uni, I do not think I would have casually started to learn about rocketry or had access to the knowledge of other students studying that subject. With the hiking club, I have also been able to travel to Wales and Scotland! Other than at uni I don’t think I would join these many activities as well as meeting so many people along the way.-Isabella, Materials Science & Engineering

Photo by Stan Swinnen from Pexels

There is so much that you can do as a student! The possibilities are limitless. I’ve been on a trip to the south lake district with other students from the international society, and I’m itching to take another one. The time and resources you have as a university student are just different to those that you have at other stages of work life.-Salma, Politics and International Relations

For a lover of history, there are many places to explore in Manchester. I started looking at the Manchester Townhall and Ancoats differently after I learnt about key events in history which happened there. Other notable places to see include the Manchester Museum, Chinatown, Manchester Art Gallery and Salford Quays.- Fatimah, Law.

Advice from students to students

Photo by Buro Millennial from Pexels

I wish I’d been encouraged to try things earlier! There are lots of free trial classes for students to take from lots of programmes. I went to a skateboarding beginners trial class that I discovered via the Students Union and it was lots of fun! There are lots of fun and exciting things to do that I could have done even earlier if I’ve had the courage to do them, solo or with friends.- Salma, Politics and International Relations

Experiment! Is there one thing that you always wanted to try? Perhaps it’s skateboarding or ballet dancing or skydiving? This is your time to do it! As a student, almost all societies would happily let you join them for a taster and there are ample discounts available to you to experiment in any field without breaking the bank. Having done a year in industry, I realised very quickly that it is this time in uni that you’d have the most free time so make the most of it!-Raghav Vashishtha, Mechatronic Engineering

You may not know how much time you have on your hands until you graduate, start working and could only take vacations during certain months. This is your chance to explore your environment and have fun with your peers. What worked for me was my accommodation in student halls in my second and part of my third year. I am glad that I took a bit of time with friends from different backgrounds to see places in the UK. I still wonder if I could have travelled more around the UK or Europe.-Fatimah, Law.

Thank you for reading this weeks LPN weekly tips! We hope you found these tips helpful. Tune in next week for some more tips from our student team!



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