The first digital wallet for Libra Testnet, LibraVista Wallet, is released

On July 10th, the first cryptocurrency wallet for Libra, LibraVista Wallet, was released on the web ( platform. One week later, LibraVista Wallet for iOS and Android have also been launched on July 18th.

LibraVista Wallet aims to be your first entry to the Libra world. Libra is a new cryptocurrency backed up by Facebook and its partners, and its vision is to provide a stable and global financial architecture that everyone can take advantage of. With LibraVista Wallet, you can create Libra accounts, transfer money to your family, pay bills and enjoy the latest blockchain technologies. In addition, the design philosophy of LibraVista Wallet is to be simple and user-friendly so everyone can use it with ease. It is developed by the North American office of TokenClub (

Screenshots of LibraVista Wallet for Android

Currently, LibraVista Wallet supports the following functions on the Libra Test Network:

  • Create a New Wallet
  • Import/Export the Wallet
  • Generate QR code of the Wallet
  • Transfer Money to another Account
  • Check Balance and Transaction History
  • Mint Coins on the Testnet

As you can see, LibraVista Wallet covers almost all the daily scenarios of a digital wallet. You can start your Libra journey by creating a new wallet, and then export the wallet to the mnemonic words. Later, you will load the mnemonic words to reuse the wallet, and pay money by scanning the QR code of the receiver’s wallet. You would also like to share your QR code or wallet address to receive money from others as well as check your latest transaction history after the payment.What’s more, to provide the best safety, it is allowed to create or import a wallet on the iOS and Android client offline.

Once the Main Network of Libra is ready, we will extend the current Testnet wallet to the Main Network so that it can be used for real Libra coins.

Lastly, if you have never tried Libra before, don’t hesitate to create your very first Libra wallet via LibraVista Wallet to benefit from the new decentralized cryptocurrency. Scan the following QR code to download the wallet client for iOS and Android, or visit try the web client.

QR code to download LibraVista Wallet for iOS and Android &


Libra Explorer for Facebook Libra Testnet


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Libra Explorer for Facebook Libra Testnet

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