El Correo Libre Issue 16

Gareth Halfacree
Jun 11 · 11 min read

WOSH and the Google Summer of Code Kick Off

  • Analysis of WARP-V on FireSim with RocketChip, Alaa Salman
  • Continuous Integration for Hardware Projects on LibreCores CI, Nancy Chauhan
  • Enhancing JuxtaPiton with X86 Support, Kunal Gulati
  • Extend Librecores.org in terms of User Interactivity and Feedback, Aquib Baig
  • FPGA-Accelerated Web Applications, Ákos Hadnagy
  • LLVM Code Generation for RISC-V Open Source GPU, Reshabh Sharma
  • Microarchitectural enhancement of Ariane, Zach Zheng

All are fascinating project proposals, with coding now beginning, and we are looking forward to seeing great outcomes from the Summer of Code.

You can find more details in our blog post and can expect further status updates throughout summer!

-Stefan Wallentowitz, Director, Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation

Rick O’Connor Announces the OpenHW Group, CORE-V Cores

Shah, Hung, Wilf, Bazanski, Gisselquist, Milanović Publish Yosys+nextpnr Paper

Dan Gisselquist Details “Perfect” AXI4 Slave, Releases AXI to AXI-Lite Bridge

Matrix Releases Creator FPGA Source, Including Microphone DSP Code

lowRISC Unveils Google Partnership, Expansion Plans

Antmicro Launches Renode 1.7 Branch

Oğuz Meteer Adds Nexys Video Support to Linux on LiteX-VexRiscV

Clifford Wolf Releases v0.90 of the RISC-V Bit-Manipulation Extension Proposal

European Processor Initiative (EPI) Announces “First Steps” Towards RISC-V Parts

Libre RISC-V M-Class Project Announces NLnet Grant Funding

FOSSi News In Brief

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News and features from the world of free and open source IP cores