Here we are, where we go. Our alpha release.

Librin starts just as every side project; Out of a need. At TheBaboonClub we like to use Firebase and Firestore to prototype and build production-ready applications. It gives us flexibility, speed, and reliability, all in an easy to setup environment.

While the management UIs provided by Google provide lots of functionality, they aren’t built to support all those non-development tasks that start to arise when a product starts to operate. As a consequence, we always end up building a back-office, which requires time and effort that we could be using for our client-facing applications.

To avoid wasting time in small back-office applications, we’ve built Librin; It is easy to use, easy to set-up and focused on business roles, and it works for your Firestore databases while preserving your privacy (your data won’t be visible for our servers).

The first version might be simple but while we keep adding pixels and lines of code, we would love to hear your thoughts about it. We are starting to activate alpha applications little by little, so we can start validating our approach and hearing from in what direction Librin should evolve in the near future.

During the next days, we will be publishing a series of short posts showing how some of the stuff you can do with it such as managing collections and documents or managing collaborators, so join our alpha or follow us on Twitter to keep updated!.