Libya Situation Update 10–13 November

  1. 10 NOV: LNA-allied Warshefana militias launched a crackdown on armed criminal groups in Western Libya, reportedly as a message of good faith to Zawiya. Following this, Warshefana signed a peace treaty with Zawiya, agreeing to a ceasefire and prisoner exchange. (Twitter)(Libya Observer)(Afrigate)(Twitter)
  2. 10 NOV: Benghazi security officers arrested three “terrorists”, allegedly originally from Kufra, Ajdabiya, and a Tuareg IDP camp, in various areas of the city. (Akhbar Libya 24)
  3. 10–13 NOV: LNA al-Saiqa forces seized and cleared an air defense base on the border of the Sidi Faraj and Buatni areas of Benghazi.Pro-Dignity forces also captured additional territory in the Buatni neighborhood, as well as the flour factory and a mosque in Sidi Faraj. Heavy fighting continued through the week in many neighborhoods of Benghazi as LNA social media sources reported that the LNA now controls “all the important strategic sites” in the Buatni and Sidi Faraj areas. These units have also severed ISIS’ ground lines of communication (GLOCs) to Laithi in anticipation of an assault on that neighborhood. Unverified reports and unclear photographs alleged that the LNA conducted an airborne operation on 13 NOV, dropping a small number of paratroopers into Laithi behind SCBR lines. (Akhbar Libya 24)(LNA Facebook)(Facebook)(LNA Facebook)(Afrigate)[Analyst Note: An airborne operation targeting a specific neighborhood is beyond the assessed capacity of the LNA. While it is theoretically possible, it is judged to be highly unlikely that a militarily effective airborne operation was conducted]
  4. 10 NOV: Unconfirmed reports indicate that ISIS exchanged five captured Misrata truck drivers for ten of their fighters held captive by Libya Dawn. (al-Arabiya)
  5. 10 NOV: The LNA Battalion 309 claimed to have captured and cleared the Palm Resort near the Mreissa Port west of Benghazi. (Twitter)
  6. 10 NOV: A VBIED was detonated on a checkpoint just outside of Khoms (60km west of Misrata) killing three. The checkpoint is located near a major military location which serves as a command and control node for that sector. ISIS’ Wilayat Tarablus claimed credit for the attack. (Twitter)(Libya Herald)(al-Arabiya)(Good Morning Libya)
  7. 11 NOV: Armed militiamen broke into the GNC chamber and assaulted a number of MPs, including Jalal Hassan, a member of the Religious Endowment Committee. (Afrigate)(al-Arabiya)[Analyst note:The reason for the attack is unclear, although militias periodically attack the GNC to put political pressure on members.]
  8. 11 NOV: Tripoli authorities arrested an Emirati man named Yousef Mubarak on charges of espionage. According to the reports given, evidence was found in his papers and on his computer when he was stopped in Mitiga Airport. It is possible that this arrest is political, given the UAE’s support for the rival Tobruq government and the recent outrage over the state’s perceived patronage towards Bernadino Leon. (Libya Herald)(Libya Akhbar)(France 24)(Libya Observer)
  9. 11–13 NOV: Demonstrators in Misrata began a sit-in to demand the resignation of the Misrata Municipal Council. According to the protestors, the council has acted outside of its authority and failed to provide public services. (Libya Observer)(Facebook)
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