Libya Situation Update 13–16 August

  1. 12–15 AUG: ISIS fighters in Sirte beheaded, publicly paraded, and crucified at least 12 individuals after a failed uprising in the city. Reports indicate ISIS also executed additional members of the al-Farjani tribe by firing squad. The group also called on residents of the city to pledge their allegiance. On 14 August, at least 37 residents of Sirte were killed during the city’s failed uprising, which ended that morning as ISIS retook all remaining rebellious areas. Separate sources indicate that the ISIS offensive was supported by heavy reinforcements from Harawa and Nowfaliya. Additionally, ISIS forces killed at least 22 wounded rebels being treated in the Gamal Abdul Nasser Clinic before burning the facility. They also may have burned facilities attached to the Qartaba Mosque, where the uprising initially began. [For more information on Sirte, see “Local Uprising Threatens ISIS Stronghold” and “ISIS Overwhelms Rebellion, Takes Key Neighborhood in Sirte.”] (al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)(al-Arabiya)(Twitter)(Afrigate)(Libya Channel)(Afrigate)(al-Wasat)
  2. 13 AUG: The Third Force held a press conference with officials from the city of Sabha claiming that order has been restored to the city. (Third Force Facebook)
  3. 13 AUG: MSC Derna published a picture set showing a number of fighters with light and medium weapons. The post claimed that they were clearing the remaining ISIS fighters from the 400 neighborhood. They also posted a set of pictures showing dead bodies, claiming they were the corpses of ISIS foreign fighters who refused to go into combat and were killed by their own organization. (MSC Derna Media Office)(MSC Derna Media Office)
  4. 13–15 AUG: The LNA released a statement claiming that its troops had retaken lost territory up to 10 Street near the Bu Ashreen building in Sabri, as reinforcements from LNA Battalion 309 arrived. On 14 August, LNA forces clashed with Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries (SCBR) fighters in the Sabri neighborhood of Benghazi. ISIS claimed to have taken a number of checkpoints near the Bu Ashreen building and released a picture set showing its fighters planning for the assault and capturing two vehicles and what appears to be a T-55 tank. [For more detail, see “ISIS Adapts to LNA Offensive in Sabri, Benghazi.] (Libyan News 1)(LNA Statement)( al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)(al-Wasat)(Libya Herald)(al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)(ISIS Media Office of Barqa)
  5. 14 AUG: Libya Dawn aircraft targeted the “50 Gate” and Zahir areas west of Sirte following an announcement of operations to retake Sirte by the General Staff of the Libyan Army, which reports to the Tripoli-based government. (al-Wasat)(LANA)(Twitter) [Analyst Note: This could be a preparation for Battalion 166 forces to advance on Sirte. where it was expelled by ISIS fighters in late May 2015.]
  6. 15 AUG: Libya Dawn militias allegedly launched a campaign of arrests in the Souq al-Ahad neighborhood of Tarhuna, south of Tripoli. On 12 August, the Libya Dawn Kani militia shelled the city before storming it and taking control of the majority of the neighborhoods. Unconfirmed reports indicate that cashes killed as many as 10 civilians. (Ein Libya)(al-Arabiya)(Twitter)(LNA Statement)
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