Libya Situation Update 13–16 October

  1. 12–14 OCT: The Sabratha Municipal Council militia released a statement condemning the arrest of its head, Hussein al-Dhawadi, in Tunisia. Gunmen Sabratha allegedly kidnapped an estimated 57 Tunisian nationals in the city in retaliation, releasing them two days later on 14 October. (Sabratha Municipal Council Statement)(al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)(Twitter)(Libya Observer)(al-Wasat)
  2. 12 OCT: Ajdabiya rebels announced the formation of the Liberation of the South Brigade to liberate the south of Libya from foreign militias. (Fezzan Libya)(Akhbar Libya 24)
  3. 13 OCT: MSC Derna arrested a senior ISIS commander, Morad al-Sabaa, in a “raid” on his home in the Ghazi district of Derna.(Libya Observer)(Libya Herald)(al-Wasat)(Twitter)
  4. 13–14 OCT: The Misratan Sitara militia, led by Khalid al-Sharif, clashed with Sariya 11 Militia (affiliated with Mustafa al-Kikli) fighters from the city of Kikla, killing an individual and kidnapped another, in the Akuwakh neighborhood of Tripoli. (Libyan News 1)(Afrigate)(Twitter)(Libya Herald)
  5. 14 OCT: The Tebu and al-Zawiya Tribes in Kufra signed a ceasefire, agreeing to the establishment of a council made up of 6 members of each to monitor and ensure that the ceasefire is not violated. The agreement also guaranteed the neutrality of the city’s airport, to be used to bring in aid and supplies to the city, and the opening of the roads to Jalu and Rabiyana. (al-Wasat)
  6. 14 OCT: The LNA claimed that ISIS forces shelled the Benina area from Sidi Faraj, near the Benghazi airport. 17 Saiqa Battalion Second Lieutenant Mohammed Buhaliyqa al-Zawi was killed in the shelling, in addition to two others being wounded. (LNA Statement)(Afrigate)(Good Morning Libya)(al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24) [Analyst Note: While the LNA identified the enemy forces as ISIS, it is likely that Wissam Bin Hamid’s group fired the rockets given their recent declaration that they would continue to attack Benina airport.]
  7. 14 OCT: ISIS’ Islamic Court in Sirte officially commenced its work, issuing decrees for the seizure of the property of Sseveral Sufi sheikhs from the area. (al-Wasat)(Twitter)(Twitter)
  8. 14–15 OCT: ISIS claimed to have attacked LNA positions near the 12 Rabi’a al-Awal School in the Laithi district of Benghazi. The statement claims that the positions were attacked separately by RPGs, 105mm artillery, and a sniper unit. LNA al-Saiqa forces deployed to al-Botas Street (ﺷﺎﺭﻉ ﺍﻟﺒﻮﻃﺎﺱ) and Hijaz Street in the Laithi neighborhood, with reports indicating that the latter deployment included armor. Additionally, LNA units shelled the Hasan al-Basri School (ﻣﺪﺭﺳﻪ ﺍﻟﺤﺴﻦ ﺍﻟﺒﺼﺮﻱ). On 14 October, LNA forces fired grad rockets at ISIS positions in the Laithi neighborhood as LNA troops clashed with ISIS fighters there. (LNA Facebook)(Facebook)(Facebook)(ISIS Media Office of Barqa)
  9. 15 OCT: Fighting between ISIS and the Mujahideen Shura Council of Derna (MSC Derna) continued in the Sahel al-Sharqiya area. Shelling was reported near the Hussein and Hassan Mosque. (al-Wasat)
  10. 15–16 OCT: Random shelling damaged civilian buildings, killing at least three and wounding three in the Benghazi neighborhoods of Tablino, Kish, Rabha, al-Fowaihat and al-Bloun throughout the night. Following the shelling, hundreds of protesters including the mayor of Benghazi held Friday prayer in Kish Square in support of the LNA. (al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)(al-Arabiya)(Libya Herald)(Good Morning Libya)(al-Wasat)(Twitter)(Twitter)
  11. 16 OCT: LNA sources reported heavy clashes in the Hawari district of Benghazi. LNA aircraft also bombed the SCBR-held cement factory for the second day in a row. (Facebook)(LNA Facebook)(LNA Facebook)

Political Updates:

13 OCT: The House of Representatives (HoR) postponed a vote on the unity government until next week. (al-Wasat)

14 OCT: Fifty-seven Misrata militias signed a document supporting the reconciliation agreement and the unity government following a unity conference in the city. (Twitter)(Twitter) [Analyst Note: The support of Misrata militias would provide a significant military boost to the nascent government if it is formed. These militias represent much of the military power currently in Tripoli.]

14 OCT: Misrata’s Sheikh Ibrahim bin Ghashir slammed the UN-brokered peace deal, instead saying that the upcoming National Dialogue Forum in Misrata will choose the future president of the country, as well as draft a constitution. (Good Morning Libya) (Sheikh Ibrahim bin Ghashir Statement)

14 OCT: Abu Baker Bayira resigned from the HoR’s dialogue team, giving three reasons behind his resignation: 1) It revealed the bad intentions of the groups participating, 2) The inability of the delegation to continue its mission with external factors preventing them from being successful, and 3) The inability of the commission to address violations being undertaken while the dialogue was underway. (al-Wasat)

14 OCT: LNA General Command of the Armed Forces reiterated that its purpose is to defend the homeland and fight terrorism, not to interfere with political affairs. (Afrigate)(LNA Video Statement)

14 OCT: The Supreme Council of Zintan Tribes released a statement on the national unity government proposal, saying that it supports efforts for reconciliation, calling on dialogue as the only solution to Libya’s political problems. It also stated it fully supports the HoR, however, it believes that the Tobruq government should not extend its term limit. (Afrigate)

15 OCT: The General National Congress has allegedly rejected the UN’s unity government plan, demanding additional amendments to the reconciliation agreement. (Good Morning Libya)