Libya Situation Update 17–20 October

  1. 16–17 OCT: ISIS crucified Sheikh Muftah Busetta Al-Warfali in the Saffron area of west Sirte after he was accused of spying. A sharia court in Sirte also condemned Sheikh Sayid al-Madani, who was identified as a Sufi preacher, to death for sorcery. He was reportedly beheaded and crucified following Friday prayers. Separate sources claim that the two men were affiliated with the recent uprising in Sirte, but that cannot be confirmed. (Twitter)(Twitter)(Libya Herald)(al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya)
  2. 17 OCT: Tunisian authorities released Hussein Al-Dawadi, the mayor of Sabratha, after a week of detention. In response to his arrest, Libyan militants had kidnapped 57 Tunisian civilians, which were later released. (Libya Observer)(Libya Herald)
  3. 17 OCT: LNA Tank Battalion 204 announced that it repelled an attack by SCBR fighters on the 204 Battalion Camp and surrounding areas in Benghazi. (Akhbar Libya 24)
  4. 17 OCT: ISIS published a video showing the execution of two spies in the Fatih area of Derna. The two men, Mohammad al-Tayb Ali al-Ghamari and Rashdi Aquila Omran al-Masouri, allegedly gave targeting data to MSC Derna and provided weapons, respectively. Both men were shown a destroyed building before they were executed. The video also featured recycled combat footage from the Sahel al-Sharqiya neigh as well as two substance-less interviews with ISIS fighters. (ISIS Media Office of Barqa)
  5. 17 OCT: An AED (Adhesive Explosive Device) exploded on a vehicle, targeting Salafi Sheikh Mohamed Budiam al-Fakhri a preacher at the al-Albani Mosque on Antalat Street in Ajdabiya.(Akhbar Libya 24)(ISIS Media Office of Barqa)
  6. 17–20 OCT: Pro-Libya Dawn Sabrathan Dabashi and Ghrabli brigades, backed by locals in Ajaylat launched an attack on LNA Warshevanna militia forces near Taweela, west of Tripoli, attempting to recapture the town and abduct the LNA commander of the Western Operations Room, Omar Tantoush. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Libya Dawn has conducted airstrikes in support of the attack. Libya Dawn militias in Sabratha also shelled the town of Ras Yunaf, between Sabratha and Ajaylat. The attack was allegedly prompted by a meeting of LNA-supported groups in Taweela, where pro-Ghaddafi slogans were chanted. The Zintan Military Council condemned the meeting, and the LNA Western Libya Operations Room released a statement condemning “pro-Ghaddafi groups.” (Western Libya Operations Room Statement)(Akhbar Libya 24)(Zintan Statement)(Twitter)(Afrigate)(Afrigate)(Afrigate)(Libya Observer)(Twitter)(Libya Herald)
  7. 18 OCT: Colonel Atiya Allah al-Orabi, head of the LNA intelligence services in Ajdabiya, was assassinated in the al-Adghal neighborhood. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, releasing a statement explaining that the colonel was killed after fighters fired on his home with machine guns. (Twitter)(Twitter)(Akhbar Libya 24)(ISIS Media Office of Barqa)(Libya Herald)
  8. 18 OCT: The Central Shield Force (CSF), one of the largest militias in the country and the largest in Misrata, has announced its opposition to the reconciliation agreement. (Libya Observer)(Twitter)(Twitter) [Analyst Note: It is likely that the the General National Congress made significant concessions to the CSF in order to secure this opposition.]
  9. 18 OCT: The ISIS Media Office of Wilayat Barqa published a video showing the conversion of a Sudanese Christian, the beheading of another Sudanese Christian, and the execution of a soldier from the LNA 158th Infantry (ISIS Media Office of Barqa)
  10. 18 OCT: Three civilians allegedly ambushed and killed an off-duty ISIS fighter in Bin Jawed. Reports indicate that the man may have been ISIS commander, Nasser Abu Shawisha, but neither official nor ISIS sources have confirmed. (al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)
  11. 18 OCT: The Kufra peace deal began implementation by signatories, with medical aid being delivered to the city and the transfer of those wounded to hospitals for aid. (al-Wasat)
  12. 19–20 OCT: Omar Absit, a member of the 21st Border Guards, was abducted in Ajdabiya. He was released one day later. Sources indicate that Omar is the brother of Lt. Mohammad Absit, the deputy commander of his unit. (Twitter)(Libya Akhbar 24)(Twitter)
  13. 19 OCT: Unverified social media sources claimed that locals have demanded the withdrawal of the Third Force from South Libya. (Facebook)
  14. 20 OCT: Unidentified military aircraft bombed ISIS positions in Sirte. Neither military nor local sources reported casualties or damage. (Reuters)(al-Wasat)
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