Libya Situation Update 17–21 September

  1. 17 SEP: Unknown gunmen stormed the main GNC chamber in an attempt to intimidate members discussing the reconciliation dialogue. The Misrata-based Halboos Militia was deployed to secure the chamber. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Salah Badi (a member of the Misrata Municipal Council), Abdul Raouf al-Man’ai (a prominent Tripoli militia leader), and Sami al-Saadi orchestrated the attack. The Samood Force has also been implicated. (Libya Herald)(Libya Akhbar)(Akhbar al-Had)(Libya Channel)
  2. 18 SEP: ISIS fighters, at least one wearing an SVEST, launched a pre-dawn attack on the Maitiqa Airport Prison, controlled by the pro-Libya Dawn Rada Militia and also houses the group’s headquarters. Three Rada guards were killed, along with the 4 ISIS attackers. ISIS’ Wilayat Tarablus released a statement claiming credit for the attack, which was aimed at freeing prisoners at the prison. (ISIS Wilayat Tarablus Media Office)(Libya News)(Libya’s Channel)(ISIS Wilayat Tarablus Statement)(Good Morning Libya)(al-Wasat)(Twitter)(Twitter)(al-Arabiya)(Libya Observer)(GNC Statement)(Libya Herald)
  3. 19 SEP: The UN announced that the GNC delegation arrived in Skhirat to continue discussions. Al-Naaba, a news channel closely affiliated with Abdulhakim Belhaj, reported that the delegations withdrew following the announcement of a new LNA offensive in Benghazi. (UNSMIL)(al-Naaba)
  4. 19 SEP: A number of militias conducted a military parade through downtown Tripoli, likely intended to project strength following ISIS’ attack on the Mitiga Airport. The parade included a number of technicals, medium artillery, an Italian-made self propelled artillery piece, and what appears to be a civilian-variant Hummer. (Twitter)(Libya Observer)(Twitter)
  5. 19 SEP: General Khalifa Haftar announced the initiation of Operation Hatef (“Doom”) with the intention of clearing the Hawari neighborhood of Benghazi. As part of the Operation, the LNA commenced ground operations on the outskirts of Hawari and heavy bombardment in Laithi, Qawrasha and Sabri. It appears the operation will consist largely of air raids, at least initially. Some sources report that the operation will also target militant forces in Qawrasha. (Twitter)(Good Morning LY)(Twitter)(Akhbar Libya 24)(al-Arabiya)(LNA Announcement)(Libya Herald)
  6. 20 SEP: LNA sources claim that militants have been cleared from the Buanti Camp, the al-Saiqa 21 Base, and the Pepsi Factory in the Buanti neighborhood of Benghazi. (Akhbar Libya 24)(Akhbar Libya 24)
  7. 20 SEP: Renewed fighting in Kufra between the Arab Zawia tribe and the southern Tebu tribe claimed at least 10 lives. Approximately 20 vehicles of Tebu fighters attempted to storm the city, but were repelled by Zawia tribesmen. Various sources continue to allege that the Tebu are supported by elements from Chad, Sudan and Niger. (Afrigate)(Twitter)(Libya Observer)(Libya Observer)(Libya Herald)
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