Libya Situation Update 22–26 October

  1. 21–22 OCT: Unidentified warplanes bombed Sirte for two consecutive days. Local sources claimed that the airstrikes targeted a residence previously used by former regime officials. (al-Wasat)
  2. 22 OCT: The Ghanaiwa militia, headed by Abdul Ghani al-Kikli, clashed with Misrata fighters including the Marsa Brigade in the Abu Salim area of Tripoli this evening. This is the second time in two weeks that Ghanaiwa has clashed with Misrata militias inside Tripoli. (Twitter)(Libya Herald)
  3. 22–25 OCT: ISIS executed a number of individuals in its stronghold of Sirte, crucifying a civilian, Bin Nile Ferjani, who belonged to the Ferjan tribe that spearheaded the recent anti-ISIS uprising. ISIS also allegedly executed at least three of its members in Sirte for fleeing from the city, including a Libyan and a Chadian. (al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)
  4. 23–24 OCT: Libya Dawn militias continued to advance in a counter offensive west of Tripoli, seizing control over the coastal road that connects the towns of Sabratha and Zuwarah. LD forces also fired artillery and Grad rockets on the LNA-held Wattiya Air Base, near the Tunisian border. LNA forces, including the Omar Tantush Brigade, withdrew to positions around Jumayl and Ajaylat. (Afrigate)(Afrigate)
  5. 23–26 OCT: Unidentified elements shelled an anti-UN reconciliation, pro-LNA protest with mortars in Kish Square of Benghazi, killing at least 12 and wounding at least 35. A number of organizations, including the rival HoR and GNC, condemned the attack and the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries published a statement denouncing the attack and claimed that they took no part in it. The LNA Media Office in Benghazi published a video showing rotary wing operations conducted in retaliation for the Kish Square attack. (LNA Media Office)(Afrigate)(LNA Statement)(LNA Statement)(al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)(SCBR Statement)(Akhbar Libya 24)(al-Wasat)(Afrigate)(HoR Statement)(GNC Statement)(al-Wasat)(Libya Herald)(al-Arabiya)
  6. 23 OCT: Non-military security officers have been widely deployed throughout secured areas of Benghazi. The exact areas were not specified, but reports claim that 1000 policemen were deployed. (al-Wasat)(Akhbar Libya 24)
  7. 24 OCT: Members of the Martyrs of Free Libya Brigade, a components of the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries commanded by Wissam Bin Hamid, released a statement which among other things announced their intent to no longer cooperate with ISIS in Benghazi after several broken pacts. (Twitter)(Statement)
  8. 25 OCT: Two minor clashes have broken the truce between the Tebu and Zawiya tribes in Kufra. (al-Wasat)
  9. 26 OCT: An unauthenticated audio recording purported to reveal a plot by Wissam Bin Hamid, the commander of a prominent SCBR faction, to recruit soldiers from the LNA 204th Tank Battalion to assassinate their commander, Colonel Mehdi al-Burghita, with an adhesive explosive device (AED). (Akhbar Libya 24)(Good Morning Libya)(Good Morning Libya)(Audio Recording)
  10. 26 OCT: Unspecified militant groups attempted to break into the Gar Yunis district of Benghazi. Their attack was repelled by the LNA 204th Tank Battalion and the Martyrs of Abu Haliqa. (Akhbar Libya 24)(Twitter)
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