Libya Situation Update: 24–28 November

  1. 24 NOV: An SVBIED targeted a Libya Dawn military police HQ and checkpoint in Masallata, between Tripoli and Misrata near the town of Khoms. The attack allegedly killed at least 5, wounded 16, and caused significant material damage. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which was also condemned by the Khoms military council. (al-Wasat)(al-Nabaa)(Fezzan Media Group)(Libya Observer)(Libya al-An)(Twitter)(al-Arabiya)(Facebook)
  2. 24 NOV: Armed men stormed a meeting of the House of Representatives. The gunmen were allegedly pro-Haftar partisans attempting to prevent a vote on the Unity Government. (al-Wasat)(Libya Observer)
  3. 25 NOV: Social media sources reported that IS took control of the Hisha Gate between Misrata and Sirte. The Hisha gate is co-located with the previously identified Abu Qarin checkpoint, a location where ISIS presence was already reported. (Facebook)
  4. 25 NOV: IS forces attempted to advance towards the Amal School in the eastern Derna neighborhood of Sahel al-Sharqiya. MSC Derna forces repelled the attack. (al-Wasat)
  5. 25 NOV: The Tripoli Director of Religious Endowments (Waqf), Shiekh Mohammad Ala’al-Din al-Tikitik, was kidnapped near his office on Wednesday morning. The Rada militia has denied any knowledge of the event. Further reporting indicated that ral-Tikiti was taken to Mitiqa Airport after his kidnapping by the Rada milita. The group claims that they did not kidnap the director, but rather brought him to their headquarters to question him about ISIS-sympathetic mosques in Tripoli (which he is seen to favor). Libyan Grand Mufti Shiekh Sadeq al-Gharyani decried the abduction, calling Rada forces “bandits,” and demanding that their security credentials be revoked and to “kill them, or cut their hands and feet off.” On November 27 Rada Militia claimed that information obtained detaining child soldier recruits to IS at the Abu Manjel Mosque on Omar al-Mukhtar Street in Tripoli led to the arrest of the Tripoli Waqf Head. (al-Wasat)(al-Arabiya)(Libya Akhbar)(Libya Herald)(Libya Herald) (Facebook)(Facebook)(Libya 24 TV)
  6. 25 NOV: Osama al-Badi, a spokesman for the Misrata Municipal Council, announced the formation of a crisis negotiation team to resolve the situation in Tripoli and secure the release of Misratan detainees. The council also condemned the IS attack on the Khoms checkpoint. (al-Wasat)(al-Wasat)
  7. 26 NOV: Unverified social media reporting indicates that fighting in Ubari paused after Tebu militias were pushed out of their urban positions by Tuareg fighters. The two groups may meet soon is Quatroon to discuss a ceasefire. (Fezzan Libya MG)(Fezzan Libya MG)(Fezzan Libya MG)
  8. 26 NOV: Four young men were killed in Ajdabiya over the past 24 hours. Walid Tahir Buritima, a well-known Salafist in the city was killed near the Buabil Pharmacy as he walked home from evening prayers. Fayiz Hassan Malaqab (a member of the Ajdabiya Criminal Investigation Division), and Mohammad al-Salim al-Mujabri were identified as friends of Buritima and were either killed recovering his body or while paying their respects to the family (reports are contradictory). The fourth victim, Mohammad Ibrahim Akhizan al-Maghrebi, was a young Salafist preacher killed outside the Fallujah Mosque. While no group has claimed responsibility for these attacks, they fits the previously observed pattern of IS and ASC attacking potential challenges to their religious authority. (Facebook)(Facebook)(al-Wasat)(Libya Herald)(Akhbar Libya 24)
  9. 26–27 NOV: LyAF conducted three airstrikes against an Ajdabiya Shura Council (ASC) headquarters in the Industrial District in southern Ajdabiya. According to local sources, the airstrikes hit the workshop of Abu Ghara al-Masri, rather than the adjacent ASC position. Separate sources claim that gunmen immediately cordoned off the area, firing into the air. This is contradicted by photos provided by the first source showing civilians digging through rubble. Media sources indicate that two Egyptian workers were killed and a child was wounded. The LNA conducted additional airstrikes on Ansar al-Sharia/Ajdabiya Shura Council (ASL/ASC) position in Ajdabiya on Friday. The strikes killed at least four ASL fighters. (Libya Observer)(Akhbar Libya 24)(Twitter)(Twitter)(Afrigate)(Facebook)(Facebook)(Twitter)(Akhbar Libya 24)(Libya Observer)
  10. 26 NOV: IS published a picture set allegedly showing their fighters overrunning a MSC Derna position in the Fatih area of Derna. The publication explicitly mentions the “Battle for the Martyrs’ of Quba,” claiming that it has failed to push IS out of their stronghold. The picture set also shows at least three technicals captured by the extremist group, along with a large quantity of weapons and ammunition. (IS Media Office of Barqa)
  11. 26 NOV: LNA troops, supported by helicopter gunship, ambushed IS forces in the al-Ezziat area, south of Derna, killing sixteen, including five foreigners, and forcing remaining IS members to retreat into the Buhindi Valley. (Afrigate)(Libyas Channel)
  12. 28 NOV: Ansar al-Sharia announced the death of Ahmad al-Zawi, the leader of its Derna branch, in a photo eulogy posted on several social media networks. al-Zawi, also known as al-Sha’ari, (along with 10 other Ansar al-Sharia fighters) was killed in an airstrike two days ago. (ASL Eulogy)(al-Arabiya)(Akhbar Libya 24)
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