Libya Situation Update: 28–31 December

  1. 29 DEC: An IED targeted the head of the anti-crime office in Zlitan, Sheikh Mustafa Toumi Ahmadi, on Abu Raqaya Street at around 9 am., killing him. Ahmadi served as a Salafist imam and preacher at a local mosque in Zlitan. (Afrigate)(Akhbar Libya 24)(Libya Panorama Channel)(Libya Observer)
  2. 29 DEC: Ansar al-Sharia in Libya (ASL) announced the death of one of its leaders, Mohammed Ibrahim al-Oraibi, also known as Abu Abdullah, in Ajdabiya. al-Oraibi was allegedly killed in an LNA airstrike on the Man-made River Reservoir south of the city. Additionally, LNA aircraft conducted an airstrike on an ASL headquarters near the flour factory, south of Ajdabiya, killing at least two. LNA aircraft also targeted the waste treatment facility, south of the city, causing damage. (Akhbar Libya 24)(LNA Statement)(Twitter)(Akhbar Libya 24)(Afrigate)
  3. 29 DEC: Tribal elders and local leaders from Kufra affirmed their support for the UN-backed GNA, releasing a statement that the accord government is the only way forward for the country. (Akhbar Libya 24)
  4. 30 DEC: IS allegedly responded to SCBR’s recent statement against the group by criticizing the SCBR for being beholden to Libya Dawn. Separate unconfirmed reports indicate a number of SCBR forces in the Sabri district pledged their allegiance to IS. (Libyan News)(Twitter)
  5. 30 DEC: Zawiya militias declared their rejection of the UN-backed Government of National Accord. Separately, a number of Zawiya social groups declared their support for the unity government. (Libyan News 1)(Libya Observer)(Libya Herald)(Twitter)
  6. 31 DEC: Local tribal elders from both Tuareg and Tebu tribes met to negotiate an end to sporatic clashes in Ubari, as members of the al-Hassouna tribe and the Third First militia also met in an attempt to form a neutral force to secure the city. (Afrigate)
  7. 31 DEC: IS gunmen killed the head of security for the GNC Foreign Ministry, Jamal Musa, and his brother and wounded his sister-in-law as Musa attempted to run an IS checkpoint near Nowfaliya. (Libya Herald)(Akhbar Libya 24)
  8. 31 DEC: Representatives of the Supreme Council of Warshefana Tribes reiterated their support for the Government of National Accord after meeting with PM-designate, Fayez al-Seraj, and his deputy, Ahmed Maitig, in Tunis. (Afrigate)
  9. 31 DEC: Faiz Seraj and Ahmed Maitiq met with the Mayor of Misrata in Tunis, continuing the conjecture over Misrata’s participation in the GNA. (al-Wasat)
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