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Come and Prime The Internet Court of Lies

You Are Needed to Tame Pernicious Lies in Digital Media

Robert Thibadeau
Dec 16, 2019 · 7 min read

The Internet Court of Lies is up and operational today. You can be a Plaintiff, Judge or Juror, and together we will build the best way possible to temper pernicious lying on the Internet.

Here it is Years in preparation, now fully disclosed and operational as a MediaWiki site like Wikipedia. Only because of the Open Source Policies of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation would this have been possible with such a mature, feature rich, and battle tested system.

Both Wikipedia and The Internet Court of Lies are dedicated to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The conclusion of my book on the subject of lies was that we need an Internet Court of Lies to judge Fiat Lies in the media in order to control the lies that cause social harm. The book has a basis in cognitive science and world history summarized in my original article on the subject on Medium:

I have been using the learning from the rich source of examples on Medium and the current political milieu to illustrate Fiat Lies and how the Court would judge them.

Over one hundred articles concerning the Internet Court of Lies are now on Medium under my Medium account. These explore how to contribute to and operate an Internet Court of Lies. There are many lies. We need thousands of people. And you can make money for your help.

Now the Internet Court of Lies is ready to prove itself to you.

The scientific argument for the Court is that enforced moderated dialogue in natural language is the most optimal strategy to identify and temper pernicious Fiat Lies. This essential need for court enforced dialogue among people to find the lies was recognized in modern courts developed in the Age of Enlightenment beginning about 400 years ago.

The science of lies says people back then were, and are, right. Fiat lies, where dialogue with the liar is not feasible, are a hole in the brain’s algorithm for truth and privacy protection that only court enforced dialogue can fix.

The Internet Court of Lies is a private court, not a sovereign court. Uniquely, it judges only lies, not people.

Like Medium, participation has a subscription and members can participate and be paid for their participation.

If you are familiar with how to participate in Wikipedia, you will be familiar with how to participate in the Internet Court of Lies. You just need to know how to use “wikitext” which is just plain easy. But just in case, help is extensive.

The mission of the Internet Court of Lies (ICoL) is to give people instant satisfaction if they see Fiat Lies in the Media and want action in the social media or other media services to handle the problem.

The Plaintiff files a Suit against the lies. The Judge manages the Court. The Jurors issue a verdict on the lies based on evidence found on the Internet.

The verdict is in a form that other Internet services such as Social Media can purchase to take action.

My Medium articles, book, and the ICoL web site describe the details. Now we need to start the engine on the Court with real Plaintiffs, Judges, and Jurors.

You can play any of these roles in collecting Fiat Lies in Suits, bringing them to Trial, and concluding the Suits with settlement records.

We need to prime the pump to efficiently automate the system to get us to the instant gratification using A.I. techniques. But we cannot go too fast. This is a fine wine, not a shot of vodka.

The current system is called The Sandbox Edition. Try it. Sign up to try it.

Sorry, we need your help to make the Tesla that we have the technical knowledge but not the customer feedback to make, and we have to start with using our brand new Model T.

But don’t worry, the work you do today will pay real dividends just like the easier work you will do as we smoothly refine our unique means of transportation into a better future.

Taking a lie to Trial is expected to take about two weeks of calendar time, but only a hour or two of Judge or Juror time.

Court action as short as two weeks is considerably better than a law suit or other trial case that tries people and takes years in our Sovereign Courts.

The Sandbox Edition will let us steer further automation we will supply, and help us schedule when we will supply it. That said, this is not a test. This is the real thing. Any work you do today as a Member of the Court is good forever in the Case History of the Court.

We are ready for the Internet Court of Lies to be real, and not just an idea.

We are therefore inviting everyone in the world to come look at the Court and how it works.

We will later open an increasing number of Member slots until we can confidently open Membership to anyone anywhere.

Only members are able to view the cases adjudicated, to file a suit as a Plaintiff and Counter Plaintiff, and also to take on paid roles such as Judge and Juror. The details of how this works on the ICoL site that anyone can see.

Members can be selected randomly by the Court for a Judge, Juror, or other Trial participant role. People who get in at the beginning can experience every role in the court and, for most roles, get paid including paid dividends on Case record sales into the future.

We intend to make this a successful self-sustaining Private Court with no advertisers or other interests that might taint the Court. This is entirely different from the private courts created and run by certain private social media companies.

So, if in going to the ICoL, you see the number of open slots for New Members, subscribe and be one of the ICoL Founding Members.

We know many more people would like to be Members. But we want to be careful to get the Court Case processing details to work for all participants.

So, the plan is that we will go through successive Manual editions and then to successive Automatic editions. We will go through these Editions at a fairly rapid rate as we build this community being paid for righting the wrong that is on the Internet and other mass Media.

That said, because we are using the Wikipedia software for the Court, even the Manual system is easy to use and unbelievably stable. We are also using Amazon Web Services, the top supplier of Virtual Machine based web hosting services, for a further reason to trust that we can scale the Court to global dimensions at low cost.

The thriving community on Medium of Python A.I. Open Source coders for Natural Language automation makes Medium an even better match for the Court. This community can immediate see how they can contribute to the automation aims of the ICoL in order to further reduce typical Lie adjudication time from a manual time of two weeks to a fully automated latency of a second or two.

Our mission, once mature, is to get court decisions out so fast that social media and other Internet services will find our settlement records highly desirable in supporting their social mission.

Our court settlement records will be licensed to social media and other Internet outlets where the Fiat Lies live.

The Court, like almost any Sovereign or Private Court, is only blemished by the selection of Judges and Jurors. This is the best that can be done as we know already with Sovereign Courts.

But, for the Internet and Trying Lies and not People, A.I. Automation can also produce more consistent high quality results with the data sets that our community will supply.

That said, Human History and the Cognitive Science proves that the human courts that you help us create will always have a place as the liars outwit the machines.

Medium will continue to be our place where we describe progress including A.I. progress on handling lies as well as the kinds of Fiat lying observed by our human observatory.

We will also be using our “original research” to feed new Wikipedia encyclopedia entries on how people are adjudicated to be lying.

Ultimately, people of all ages, the world over, can participate in organized seeking truth about Fiat lies in digital Media while making some money for their efforts. For now participants need to be Adults of age, 16+ Years Old, because of the possibility of mature content that can be brought to the Court for Trial.

Beyond this age criteria, people are segregated only by their natural language fluency and even that, in the future, may be removed by future progress in Natural Language A. I.

Your membership will also be the first systematic effort to develop the datasets needed to train such systems that can naturally converse in truth and lies, like people do with each other, in order to develop trust for privacy and truth.

Finally, The Internet Court of Lies can provide large organizations with internal or community private courts under license where the lies being judged are not suitable for general public disclosure, teaching, and handling.

Membership is for people who want to participate in being part of the solution for taming pernicious lies in modern media in the most effective way possible. This is through enforced moderated dialogue, a Court, about suspected lies where dialogue is otherwise infeasible.


Dooming Pernicious Lies with Truth on the Internet

Robert Thibadeau

Written by

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.


The Lie Catcher collects articles about pernicious lies in the media in order to bring the whole truth to the lies. Our contributors are not just fact checkers, they are truth checkers and must prove their claims.

Robert Thibadeau

Written by

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.


The Lie Catcher collects articles about pernicious lies in the media in order to bring the whole truth to the lies. Our contributors are not just fact checkers, they are truth checkers and must prove their claims.

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