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“Even Robots will Need Lie-Governors to Blow Off Steam” Title Copyright © Robert Thibadeau 2021, Fair Use, Picture from “The Wizard of Oz”.

Where do Lies Come From?

The Revealing Case of Clive Wearing of Britain

Before talking about Clive, and the tragedy and truth he gives us, let’s get our lies straight.

Where do lies come from? It depends on what your brain thinks about the brains of other people, unless you use science.




The Lie Catcher collects articles about lies in the media in order to bring truth to lies. It is the gateway to The Internet Court of Lies where you can be a plaintiff, juror, or judge to quickly see what others who you do not know think about suspect lies brought to the court.

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Robert Thibadeau

Robert Thibadeau

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.

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