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Announcing the Lien Ambassador Program

Peer-to-Contract Crypto Derivatives

Bringing Financial Creativity to All

Decentralized, Neutral, Autonomous

To fellow crypto enthusiasts,

We are happy to announce the launch of our ambassador program!

After releasing the white paper on April 1st, 2020, we have seen a tremendous interest in the project from crypto enthusiasts across the globe.

They have come to our social media channels to ask questions and engage with the community, while simultaneously helping spread the word.

Some of them have already gone out of their way and made outstanding contributions to the project by producing detailed write-ups on the technical aspects of the protocol, running study groups to discuss the protocol, organizing a Q&A session to help facilitate the interactions between the community members, and much more. We are thrilled to see all the enthusiasm building up already within the community!

As we approach our planned protocol release in Q2 of this year and continue to expand as a project, we want more and more people who share our vision of economic freedom and political independence to be aware of the project on a global scale.

Given this, we decided to launch the Lien Ambassador Program to help our community members to spread the word more effectively while looking after their local communities as they grow.

What you will be responsible for

As a Lien Ambassador, you will act as a country/regional representative for the project and are expected to perform the following (the specific responsibilities might change as the project and the community evolve):

  • Spread awareness on the Lien protocol in your local community. This might include attending cryptocurrency and blockchain meetups, hosting local events to introduce the project to local crypto users, etc
  • Manage communication channels in your local language
  • Localize relevant contents for the project

What you can expect

As a Lien Ambassador, you will be able to:

  • Deepen your knowledge on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Have experience working with one of the most promising projects in the DeFi space
  • Benefit from incentive-based compensation
  • Have access to our beta products before the rest of the community and test their features, primarily focusing on their UI elements

What we are looking for in a candidate

While we appreciate applications from all candidates, we unfortunately cannot allow everyone to become a Lien Ambassador; we want to have talented, motivated, and focused individuals with dedication to representing the project and helping spread the word on the project in various countries and regions around the world.

Specifically, a successful candidate would have:

  • Strong understanding of our protocol and blockchain technology in general
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Solid background in programming, cryptography, finance, economics, or other related fields is a plus.

How to apply

If you have read thus far and are interested to join the program, please apply!

Please DM the following information to our official Telegram account ( The information with * is required:

  • Your name * (pseudonym allowed)
  • Brief introduction of yourself *
  • Why you want to represent Lien *
  • Your Telegram username *
  • Your country/region *
  • Your primary language(s) *
  • Your twitter handle

We will check every application and reach out to you if we believe you are a good fit to the program.

We look forward to hearing from many enthusiastic community members!

About Lien

Lien is a self-regulating protocol that allows for issuing stable coins and leveraged tokens in a whole new way.

You can use the protocol to create your own unique derivative contracts and take advantage of the price development of ETH in an efficient manner. The protocol will also help you hedge against the risks associated with the price volatility in ETH by providing a way to issue stable coins backed by a basket of highly stable derivative tokens.

The protocol is designed to work without a governance mechanism, eliminating various complications that result from human intervention and allowing for greater efficiency with which to manage your crypto assets within the protocol.

The Lien project was launched by a group of anonymous developers who are passionate believers of the future that cryptocurrency brings.

White paper:

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