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Lien Apps Go Live on Ethereum Mainnet

🚀🚀🚀 Launch App:

Start creating options and stablecoins from ETH now!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the public launch of the Lien protocol and FairSwap.

The Lien protocol is a protocol for creating Options and Stablecoins from ETH.

FairSwap is a uniswap-inspired DEX with built in front-running prevention, combining the ideas of frequent batch auctioning with AMMs. It also has Dynamic Fee Pricing based on volatility.

Lien Protocol and FairSwap are running smoothly on Ethereum mainnet.

You can start:

  • Minting iDOL
  • Tranching ETH into a combination of iDOL+LBT, LBT+SBT, and LBT only
  • Providing liquidity to the available pools

When using the app, keep in mind the following:

Gas cost: Gas cost is currently very high due to congestion of Ethereum mainnet. Be mindful of gas when performing transactions. Transaction costs may appear to be expensive during periods of network congestion, but in most cases, transactions on FairSwap use about the same amount of gas as transactions on Uniswap.

Volatility: ETH price in USD has been very volatile the past few days. During times of extreme volatility, the stabilization mechanism of the Lien protocol will kick in and disable the tranche function. During this time, users will not be able to mint iDOL and perform any manual tranching.

Warning: We have put in extreme effort to ensure that the code is safe to use, including multiple audits by Consensys Diligence and CertiK.

However, please proceed with care and do not put in money that you cannot afford to lose.

Testnet is available for everyone to use so practice there before you try anything on mainnet.

Quick Overview of Lien

Lien Token — Initial FairSwap Listing

September 7, 2020, around 13:00 UTC

As we have previously announced, the LIEN / iDOL pair will begin trading on September 7, 2020, around 13:00 UTC.

You can see the announcement here.

You will need the iDOL stablecoin to participate in the sale (i.e. you will not be able to purchase LIEN with ETH on FairSwap).

You can obtain iDOL using the Lien app by minting them from ETH.

We expect liquidity to be low during the initial period post-launch of the Lien app on mainnet. Users should be careful of miss-pricing in LBT.

If you would like to avoid miss-pricing when obtaining iDOL, try out the “Manual Tranche” functionality available on the “Trade” screen of the app.

Lien Security

We take security seriously and all of our smart contract codes have been audited by reputable audit firms. The initial audit of our code was performed by Consensys Diligence.

The final code that has been deployed to mainnet has been audited by CertiK.

We also engaged CertiK to perform an audit over the Lien app web interface that we released today,

While audits are extremely important in assessing the validity and security of the code, they do not eliminate risks completely.

The Lien protocol and Lien FairSwap utilize new technology and may contain undiscovered vulnerabilities.

We encourage the users and the community to verify the integrity of the code for themselves.



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