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Lien Protocol and Lien FairSwap were successfully launched on Ropsten Network!

We welcome the community to test the platform out and submit feedback.

Test Now:

To fellow DeFi & crypto enthusiasts,

As previously announced, a code audit is undergoing to launch the Lien Protocol to mainnet. In the meantime, we have decided to launch the Lien Protocol to Ropsten, a public testnet, so we can receive feedback from the community to make the protocol better.

We will launch Lien to mainnet after gathering feedback from the community and the completion of the code audit.

During this test phase, you are able to use the following functions;

  • Tranche ETH into SBT and LBT
  • Generate (Mint) iDOL from SBT
  • Provide liquidity to Lien FairSwap
  • Exchange LBT to/from iDOL using FairSwap
  • Participate in the SBT auctions

Please share your experience testing the platform on twitter using the hashtag #LienProtocol. Who knows, you might be rewarded in some way :)

We also welcome your feedback on twitter and telegram where the team members are active.
Please also feel free to share the Lien project on your social media or website.

How to Use Lien

To begin, connect your Metamask by choosing Ropsten as the network.

You can receive test ETH from the following faucets.

In the following pages, we will introduce each function in detail;

Quick Convert

Use “Quick Convert” to exchange ETH into either iDOL or LBT*.

If you want to convert ETH into a combination of iDOL and LBT (i.e. tranche), use the “Manual Tranche” function which we explain in the following section.

In the background, the Lien Protocol is used to generate (mint) iDOL and LBT. Then, Lien FairSwap is used to sell the asset which you do not want to hold.

*2x Leveraged ETH Token

FairSwap Trade

Click “FairSwap Trade” to exchange LBT and Lien Token using Lien FairSwap. Lien FairSwap is a Uniswap-inspired trading protocol.

See here for detailed explanations comparing Lien FairSwap with Uniswap.

You can also choose to provide liquidity to Lien FairSwap from this page. The gas required for permitting transfer is 88,000, and 100,000 for providing tokens to the liquidity pool.

Manual Tranche

“Manual Tranche” is used to split ETH into LBT and iDOL. After clicking “Select+”, enter the amount of ETH to tranche.

After signing and sending the transaction, the tranche is complete. The estimated gas that is required is 330,000. The “Auction” function and the “Lien Token” are not available in its complete form for testing at this point.

What’s Next?

We are currently working on the frontend and you can expect an update in the upcoming weeks. We will continue to tweek and improve the frontend UX UI based on your feedback, so please share your comments and suggestions with us.

We are also working on exciting new functions which we haven’t announced yet. The code audit is going smoothly as we move diligently forward to mainnet release.

We really appreciate the support and interest the community has shown to our project. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions and let’s discuss how you can get involved with the project!

Lien(iDOL) White paper:


Twitter (Follow and get update):

Telegram Group:



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Lien Protocol

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