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Lien’s integration on Binance Smart Chain

Lien will be creating a Crypto-Naitive Option Protocol using Binance Smart Chain.

Lien will launch “Lien on BSC”, an Option Protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

About Lien on BSC

Lien on BSC brings the Crypto-Naitive Option Protocol battle tested on Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

The full functionality of Lien Protocol on Ethereum will be rolled out on Binance Smart Chain, starting with Call and Put Options on BNB and Exotic Options such as the Butterfly Option.


Our goal from day one has been to create a truly decentralized stablecoin and option protocol that is unstoppable and censorship resistant.

As a first step in achieving that goal, we launched the Lien protocol on Ethereum and introduced the iDOL stablecoin as well as various ETH options.

We are currently working on a solution using zk-Rollup which will allow scaling of Lien while still maintaining Ethereum level security. (Lien on zk-Rollup Whitepaper coming soon!)

These technological developments fundamentally progresses the Lien project forward towards the ultimate goal.

At the same time, we are always looking for ways to increase the user base of crypto-native options, specifically, DeFi option users.

This importance of increasing awareness of options is apparent when looking back at the history of derivatives in legacy finance.

When derivatives were first introduced in finance, they were cutting edge financial instruments. Some thought they were scammy, some thought they were a breakthrough in finance.

As awareness grew and the public caught on, the use of derivatives exploded.

Now, the total market of derivatives is many times larger than that of the underlying market.

For awareness to grow, we need more people to experiment with DeFi options.

This is the first step.

We came to the conclusion that releasing Lien on Binance Smart Chain is one of the best ways to achieve this objective.

Binance Smart Chain has many attractive features:

  • Low fees and high speed that allow casual use
  • Wide selection of wrapped assets
  • Active userbase
  • Compatibility of Ethereum contracts
  • Ethereum like UX (User Experience)

This environment on Binance Smart Chain allows users that were priced out of Ethereum DeFi to get familiar with DeFi products.

Roll Out of Lien on BSC

We plan to launch an alpha version of Lien on BSC during Q1 2021.

Trading of options on BNB is the first step.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to trade call options and Butterfly options on BNB?

Industry standard Chainlink price feeds (BNB/USD) will be used as the oracle to facilitate option trades, calculate volatility, and pricing upon maturity.

The contract that will be released is based on the Certik audited code that we have deployed to Ethereum.

In Q2 of 2021, we plan to release an upgraded version with additional functionalities and options for other tokens!

Wrapped Lien Coming Soon

LIENB (Binance Lien) will be released on Binance Smart Chain.

This will allow the Lien Token to be used in applications within the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem.

P.S. You might want to play around with Lien on BSC beforehand if you want to…



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