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One Week Bonus Boost for FairSwap Liquidity Providers!

Earn an additional bonus of 1,000 LIEN tokens!

We will be giving out additional Liquidity Provider rewards in LIEN tokens starting today!

Bonus Boost will last for one week!

Now is the time to participate if you haven’t already!

Here are the details of how the Bonus Boost will work.

Make sure that you meet the requirements!


When will it start: September 11, 2020 14:00 UTC

When will it end: September 18, 2020 13:59:59 UTC

What is the total bonus reward pool: 1,000 LIEN tokens

How will the bonus reward pool be distributed: Bonus rewards will be paid out to accounts that provide liquidity to specific markets (pools) that are listed below.

Each market (pool) will be allocated its own share of LIEN tokens.

LIEN tokens allocated to each market (pool) will be distributed among liquidity providers within that market (pool) based on their respective share (average) of that pool during the period.

Liquidity being provided by the Lien team will be excluded from the calculation.

Lien team shares can be verified by looking up this address: 0xE462Eae2AEF5deFbcDdc43995b7f593e6F0ae22F

Applicable pools and the amount of LIEN allocated to each pool:

  • ETH-iDOL (400 LIEN)
  • LBT-0918–200 (100 LIEN)
  • LBT-0925–200 (100 LIEN)
  • LBT-1002–190 (100 LIEN)
  • LBT-1009–180 (100 LIEN)
  • LBT-1016–170 (100 LIEN)
  • LBT-1023–160 (100LIEN)

How will the rewards be paid out:

After the period is over, we will calculate the proper allocation and the bonus rewards will be paid out within a few days.

How to Provide Liquidity

Step 1 Connect wallet and go to Provide Liquidity

Go to and connect your wallet.

After your wallet is connected, click on Provide Liquidity in the top menu bar.

Once you are in the Provide Liquidity screen, click on the Select Market pull down and select the market that you want to provide liquidity to.

Step 2 Enter amount of liquidity to provide

Enter the amount of liquidity that you want to provide to the pool.

Keep in mind that you need to own both sides of the trading pair in order to provide liquidity.

For example, if you want to provide liquidity to the ETH-iDOL pool, you need to own both ETH and iDOL.

Click on the Add Liquidity button (or the Approve button if this is your first time adding liquidity to the pool) to proceed with the transaction and confirm the details of the transaction.

Step 3 Confirm transaction with wallet

After you click the Confirm button, your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction.

Your wallet will ask you to confirm several times depending on the steps required for the transaction.

Approve settings can be changed in the dApp settings.

You can see the progress of your transaction in the notification area.

Step 4 That’s it!

Once your transaction is successfully confirmed on the blockchain, your balance will refresh.

You should be able to see your LP Shares in the wallet summary section to the right.

You should also be able to confirm your share of the pool as well.



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