Saving the world with Beyoncé

Thirst. This was not good. Our supplies were meant to last well over a month.

Something had happened to the world and we now lived in sanctioned housing, the thought lingered, was it really the world? So a group of us decided to search for the truth. We came to understand that we were up against a powerful evil scientist.

He was slowly turning people in this system to zombies by infecting the water. These were not zombies that come back from the dead and eat people’s brains. These were zombies who would work for the rest of their lives without thought for the Other side.

Water. We had stumbled upon a ‘pure’ source many months ago but getting it was very dangerous.

Using my unique ability to fly, and turn invisible I could get the water, but once I had it, I was rendered visible which was not good at all. So, this time around I met a guy who gave me the ability to ‘see’ (Like having a VR headset on) He told me more about the scientist and his plans. He also mentioned that we had been tattooed on our feet to denote which housing block we belonged to. I figure that meant we were grouped according to what we would be used for.

After securing water I had to get out fast, luckily my team mates, including Beyoncé showed up in a truck. While with the guy, I had seen Beyoncé with the mad scientist, so immediately I got into the truck, I asked her how she knew him and got to him. Beyoncé smiled shyly, ran her fingers through her gold-tinged short black hair.

To be Continued…

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