Terror on Jubilee

In a galaxy far far away….Scratch! On the good old London Underground, I was patiently waiting for the train to get to my station for the 1230th time. When I’m on the tube, I’m either in daydream or heightened awareness mode. This time, it was mountains and oceans until the man’s voice drew me back to reality.

“Why are you laughing” he said, I was so bewildered, that I chuckled as I usually do when I’m bewildered. “You are still laughing! mocking me!”

“I don’t understand..” I began to say, as I realized things were escalating. I saw the glint first and looked with the corner of my eyes around the car. It was silent, everyone with their mouths shut. The man had been going around with a machine and forcing people to touch their cards on the machine, but no one was protesting, no one stood up to him. I heard him whisper that he was only testing the machine, maybe they thought he was a mad man.

I sighed internally, as he started to wave the knife “Give me all your cards” I looked around again, nobody was making a move. “How do I cry for help?”

I reached into my pockets…

It didn’t end with any blood spilled, I was more shaken by the fact that everyone was frozen on the car, no help at all. My life is worth more than a few pounds in the bank, enjoy sir!

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