Day 15 | 50 days of words

I see people struggling. Failing. Working endlessly. Without any time boundaries and emotional IQ.

You do something because you like it, it completes you. Not because it leads you to top and makes you a hypocrite.

But these so called sloggers work because they believe “they belong somewhere”

They have a psychological need — to be on top. If they see someone doing great, they slog to be greatest.

Their plans change. They want to be everything. But again this everything leads them on top making their inner self is nothing but a slogging story.

In their close relationships, when the boundaries between the individual partners break down in relationships, they find each others psychological needs and their favorite slogging formulae does not work here.

I really don’t get this slogging thing. Where does it lead? You don’t have yourself and in real you can’t be on top, without yourself.