The graveyard for old obsessions

Phones on my shelf

Photo by Felipe Belluco on Unsplash

I recently watched this new iPhone X ad, new thing to talk about in the market. Everyone is talking about it and it’s everything that everyone wants though not something everyone can afford.

However it took me there to the phone shelf. The graveyard for my old obsessions — all of my old phones, gadgets, typewriter, camera and few more things from past.

When I was in my high school, we had one of those classic landline phones. The only connecting line for my mom and masi for gossips.

The classic phone started getting more importance when I left home for college and got an old mobile phone for myself, because dad was getting a new one and I needed one as I was leaving home. It was a Savior for me. When I dint want any eye contacts and same bitchy talks I would start talking over my mobile. Sometimes texts and sometimes the snake game were working for me to avoid people.

And then it was time for the internet. Throwing the Savior on one of the shelves, where no one could reach, I bought myself a new phone, the Chatty. The Chatty, a silver shiny phone was holding all the crush, break ups & blocking stories. I loved that phone because one of the friends had the same in black. And we used to show off together! He knew it was his time for the graveyard when I started working.

And the Pinky — A hot pink smartphone, I gifted myself. Ah that joy of spending own money. The phone was too close to my heart. I clicked thousands of pictures, got addicted to fb and made many skype calls. But then again it was boring. New phone again.

I bought 3 smart phones after Pinky. It’s not that easy to switch to a new phone but then the brain needs what it needs. I buy the things I don’t need. I eat the things that I should not, after all food porn is a real thing, you know! Scrolling through same but new stupid feeds. A new addiction. A new obsession. Isn’t it?

With a total of 8, I’ve all these phones staying dead on my shelf. May be it is also an obsession stored among the shelves.