You don’t get it

Day 23| 50 days of words

All you well cultured, wise people and all highly admired uncles-aunts, you don’t get it.

There is no harm if we wish to be nothing but a wanderer. May be that’s what we’re inside. Not a pile of dollars but a handful of happiness we get out of wandering. And we’re ok with that.

You say we don’t understand respect. You don’t get it. We respect everyone from a child to an animal to all of you. We’re into equality. We treat everyone in a same tender manner.

We understand the nature and we love the way it it. We fight for transgenders and gay equality. When you cut them off from the society, we bring them back. We know it pinches you hard. But, that’s how we are.

Far from the caste and roots, we dream for a world of joy. We believe in peace. Remember few years back, when you told us not to be friends with Sakeena? Let’s tell you, she’s our best friend today.

No, we don’t forgive the criminals, we don’t compromise on injustice. We love sharing things on social media. Sharing unites us. Sharing is our strength for bringing justice. And you say we’re morons? You just don’t get it.

We like trials. Trial cosmetic sachets, trial food packs and trial relationships. That’s how we make decisions. That’s how we trust. And believe me, live in relationships make better decisions than a couple of casual dates.

You worry about our break ups and higher divorce rates. But ask yourself, isn’t it good to live with someone whom you really love? Rather than making empty promises and dying inside just to be yourself, isn’t it better to spend a few days or years with the one who lets you be who you are?

Yes, yes we’re on tinder. But, what’s wrong with tinder? Yes, we don’t go on traditional dates, we like to be ourselves. You’ll never get it.

You say we can’t keep our cell phones aside. Yes, you are right. Because we live in a different world. Our measurements units are not dollars. Our measurement units are likes and shares. That’s how we socialize. That’s how we study and get updated. But of course you don’t get it.

We don’t make decisions based on judgements. We really pity you when you judge someone by their appearance and taste. And how lame you are when you make people feel smaller with your taunts and jokes. Frankly, we don’t even understand sometimes what you try to convey. And when we understand it, we find you the poorest & sometimes sick.

We take selfies. Isn’t it better to take a validation from camera for good looks? And again our measurements are likes and shares. For us, it’s always better to update a profile picture than to dress up the way everyone else wants.

It’s not like we don’t have a connection. We love Pink Floyd & Beatles. We love retro classics. We love old plays and stories. We love black & white filters. We accept and appreciate all of you. Can’t you do the same for us?

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