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Repeat this 20 times, I am so proud of you!!

You have just told your amazing self how proud you are of you.

It is okay to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. It is necessary for you to acknowledge how far you have come and to be proud of the boss/bombshell/great moves that you have made.

You can never be perfect, do not fall into the trap of self sabotage — you can be proud of small wins. Do not listen to the noise. Do not fall for the negativity of the pessimistic ones, a great move is a great move!

Sometimes, we can be made to feel like a small win is not relevant, it is relevant!

Sometimes disappointments can make us feel so sad that we mentally wipe out every great step we have made. Do not make love to the pain/disappointments for too long. Feel it, let it teach you, let it melt away and become better.

Everything good that you do adds to the good of the universe, no small good deed is too small same as how no small evil deed is too small — everything adds up to manifest into something bigger at a later stage.

Every action makes a difference, every accomplishment makes a difference.

Be proud of your self.
Be proud of meeting your goals
Be proud of your great characteristics
Be proud of your skills & strengths
Be proud of your existence!

Being proud of yourself (totally different from being arrogant) is a way of recognizing your capabilities and potential. It is a way of thanking yourself for the efforts you are making towards making positive changes and making a difference in and for your life & in the lives of others.

At times things do not easily come into fruition. Once you have pushed past the barriers and worked on overcoming the laziness, the procrastination, the noise and the negativity, you have chosen to go beyond the limiting beliefs and act, by acting you are conspiring with the universe to construct and to progress. That is something to be applauded!

Celebrate your small wins, they make a big difference. Celebrate your big wins, they are stepping stones to the next big thing.

You have went against the norm/status quo to achieve something wonderful so many times, keep learning, keep trying, keep doing, keep showing up and keep moving!

You have every right to be proud of yourself. You have every right to voice out loud that you are proud of yourself to yourself, it is not vanity — it is sanity!

If you are doing something that makes a positive contribution into your life and another life — you are doing big things. Do not let the noise drown what big things are to you.

Often people do not see what you see even if you are looking at the same thing or experience what you experiencing in the same situation. We are humans, we different — your inner world is really just yours, vastly different from the next persons I assume.

You are uniquely you! No one can do things quiet like you! You leave your unique print in everything you do.

P.S. It’s a damn big thing to be proud of yourself. You do not have to wait for someone else to be proud of you to validate your reason to be proud of yourself. Be proud and stay proud!

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I will most probably take my whole life to figure my whole self out. I am starting to be okay with that…

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