It is a Tad Hard to Think, When Pressed

A stressed individual
It is hard to think well when pressed by life issues:

It is a Tuesday afternoon. I am in a mall that is not too familiar to me. I am here to pick up a few things for a dinner planned for this evening. I am experiencing a pressing situation. I need the ladies. The nearest relief hub is nowhere in sight. It means I need to do more walking and searching. My pulse is not friendly with me at this point.

I feel my pores open as fear grips me. I fear the worst will happen. A sight I will never forget should my gates decide to open up unwillingly. My mind is speaking in a seriously pressed language. I am in negotiation with my bladder. I cannot think about anything else, but the state of despair in my urine cells.

Minutes later, after a much needed relief, my thinking buttons are back with me, flowing and singing in lively dance. At this point, I realize something I already know but never really processed before. It is somewhat hard to think freely and clearly when pressed.

When pressed by life, by circumstances, by pressure, fear, doubt, burnout, overworking, fatigue, greed, anger, toxicity, financial issues, job loss, instability, abuse, grief, substance abuse, lack of encouragement and nurturing, chaos, noise or anything unpleasant to the mind ecosystem, it can be really hard to think intentionally and beneficially. The mind may become fixated on the one pressing issue, neglecting other important elements.

We are all uniquely designed. We are all special in our own right and ways. Yet, thinking is an activity of all mankind, perhaps of all living species.

Thinking is perhaps one of our greatest tools as humans, and the lack of it, our greatest downfall. Everything great that has changed humanity comes from thought. Compassion comes from thought. Invention comes from thought.

Many destructive things also come from thought (well thought out planning! Some destruction is deemed beneficial. What is the saying? There is more to things than meets the eye. Today, we are staying away from the politics of constructive destruction).

Some destruction comes from lack of proper thought and planning — the common and obvious type of destruction that occurs when we lose focus. Such as when we gamble or drink away inheritances or lucky winnings, when we skip work one to many times without notice, those sort of colourful thoughts. Sometimes lack of intelligence is the culprit, not being pressed!

Thought is very powerful. In this era of the self-help and self-love movement, thought is probably one of the most discussed topics in the movement, in various aspects, of course.

It is true that some ‘gifted’ humans are better thinkers than others. Some humans are naturally lazy arses who want others to do the thinking for them — lazy arses!

Possibly, there are those who wish to think better, but their knowledge is limited. This begs the question: Is thinking a skill or a learned trait? Can one learn/train how to think better? I suppose a willing being can.

An individual’s thinking is influenced by several factors which include, but are not limited to: mental state and health, ambition, exposure, environment, education, information access, creative quotient (CQ), emotional quotient (EQ), intelligence quotient (IQ), music, books/reading material, news, self-awareness, situational awareness, skills (soft/hard) and abilities, personality type, circumstantial requirements, biases, responsibilities, experiences, spiritual strength, communication abilities and age.

How far and how wide one can think is probably dependent on the depth of experiences. No two people can really have the exact same thoughts, though thinking can be aligned and fused among various people to meet desired outcomes.

The purpose is not to compare intelligence amongst different types of people, but to offer a perspective, an opinion.

Sometimes, a disturbance in thinking fitness is a matter of being pressed and deprived of a certain object, element or need, instead of a matter of intelligence. It can be the outcome of several elements of nature and nurture not being cultivated adequately.

Perhaps you are not lazy or incompetent. Maybe, you are pressed so much that you cannot think straight.

So, we need to practice mental check-in’s, as a society. Perhaps you can ask yourself today: how is my thinking? How am I really? Am I pressed or flowing? If pressed, what is the solution?

Maybe I should talk to someone, ask for help, take a breather, a holiday, a walk. Maybe I should take a gadget break, a social media break, a life detox to declutter physically and mentally.

Do something to unlock because it is a tad bit hard to think straight when pressed.




I will most probably take my whole life to figure my whole self out. I am starting to be okay with that…

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