The Other Side

Reflection of hand on water body
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There is another me on the other side of the mirror. A different me, I can feel her, I can see her.

She speaks a different language, her tone calm and soft. Her voice is familiar. I have heard it a million times — in my heart, in my mind and in my midnight dreams.

I hear it in my silent moments, often in soft whispers, sometimes in loud waves.

She expresses herself in varied ways. Her thoughts are more advanced, more knowing than mine. She tells tales and prophesies from beneath rivers, from ocean shores, from mountain summits, from jungle hubs and from waterfall origins.

Her voice is both contemporary and ancient; it is older, refined and more pressed. Very poised and cultured, eloquent in every way. A blend and synthesis of music, literature, guidance, instruction, illumination and flow.

She walks differently, laughs differently and dresses differently — there is an allure to her presence.

A certain space exists between us — a sacred space. A place of deep meaning. A terrestrial of concealed wonder. A space for poignant conversations and intimate discussions.

A space where my being is naked, unhidden and unmasked. A space where I can laugh boldly and sing songs to awaken hidden gems that reside in self. A space where I can weep without shame, where I can breathe without hesitation.

A space where I can explore turns, imperfections and perspectives of my being more intrinsically and compassionately. A space where I connect with my powers and guardians more gently and purposefully.

This is a deep infinite space, not bounded by physical confines. A space with no ordinary pathways and roads.

A space occupied by intelligence, rhythm and reverence.

In this space we live, think and contemplate. We wake and transform, we grow and rectify. We readjust and reconnect. We multiply and reduce, we take in, we take out. We talk, think, feel, sing, cry, dance, grieve, shelter, rest, work, nurture, cleanse, wash off, put on, build, strengthen, dream, confront, heal and learn.

We reach out. We reach in.

We busk in joy, love, connection, discovery, revelation, peace and solitude.

In this space, I become closer to the me on the other side of my mirror, she.

She is a dancer, a singer, a writer, a runner, a cook, a painter, a builder, a gardener, a specialist, an architect, a builder, a mother, a woman, a friend, a sister.

She is a counsellor, a driver, an athlete, a teacher, a farmer, an economist, an environmentalist, a socialist, a creator, a creative, a nurturer, a protector, a plug.

She is ocean, earth, soil, river, sun, rain, wind, moist, snow, water, fertilizer, mountain, fire,

flowers and trees.

She is soul, spirit, intelligence, wisdom, judgement, intuition and instinct.

She grieves, laughs, witnesses, guides and marinades.

She is a wolf, a sole wolf. She thrives on love, respect, protection, attention and presence. She is a present, graceful, aware, awakened, forgiving, loving, sensitive, respecting, intuitive energy.

She hates to be ignored, starved or unprioritized. She rages fire when unpleased; fires that burn everything in every corner, leaving ashes and scars. She is a warrior who is not afraid to fight. She wants what she wants & does not find negotiations or disobedience amusing.

She is direct, mature, stern, graceful, gentle, vast, evolving, wise, fun and a pleasure to engage.

She has no earthly obligations. She is not governed by time, weather, the economy, politics, finances, trends or fashion. She is power, an energy, a guide, a rarity, an old soul.

She is freedom.

She is nature, unadulterated.

She is wild women.

She is a descendant of ancient and sacred divine.

She is me but she is not me, she is different from me. A perfect version of me. An authentic version of me. A knowing version of me. A connected version of me. An instinctual version of me. A pure version of me. An untainted version of me.

She is made of art, color, confidence, light, radiance and energy. She walks with grace & zest, unattached to fickle changes and emotional turbulences.

Our worlds are interwoven.

I reach out my hand to touch her, she reaches back with a readiness, a knowing, a light, a stimulus, a tender and welcoming grin.

She is core fire, she who exists in me. I love her, I bow to her, I honor her. She is home on the other side.




I will most probably take my whole life to figure my whole self out. I am starting to be okay with that…

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