Emotional Masochism or Lovers and Friends (a poem for a friend)

Do friends with benefits really benefit

Can we have sex with no strings attached

Can we go on like this

If you ask me this plan is poorly hatched

Life is too short to share with a disinterested party

We can do this dance a million times

Sometimes you can’t make it work

And to keep trying is foolhardy

Maybe it’s time to move on and stop this needless pain

I want us, you don’t

I think you’ve made that pretty plain

I’m sorry this isn’t clean and simple

But we knew this couldn’t last

Like a school picture with a bad pimple

Maybe we should leave this in the past.

No need to apologize

We were just on different pages in different books

I know you can sympathize

We’ve definitely shared several looks

So I’ll end this torture because it’s not worth the pleasure

I’d like to say it’s been fun

We can’t be lovers and friends together

Because I know that I can’t pick one.