Flipping Directions

It’s the end of one road and the beginning of one anew

Even though I’m on to greener pastures I won’t forget any of you

We’ve had the best of times and the worst of times, sometimes all in the same day

We’ve seen sex, lies and vicious fights, and we’ll never see a horse in the same way

We lost a few and gained a few more, but never lost our spirit

We’ve each seen something that we can’t unsee, a song or two you can’t unhear it

I know you’ll miss me on Wednesdays when I’d batter you all with puns

You all seemed to enjoy them on occasion, even the really corny ones

I’ll miss the free lunches and impromptu beer nights

I won’t miss Ed Sheeran, dick pics or teenage kid fights

I’ll miss our blue haired boss and the glimpses into her past

I’ll miss our remote moderator, a perfect mix of class and sass

I’ll miss in office twerking and random YouTube clips

I’ll miss the witty banter and the emojis and gifs

But this couldn’t last forever and it’s better that it won’t

Moderating is gruelling whether you get all accepts or don’t

I know I’ll miss you all but I’ll think fondly of this time

I hope you’ll think of me when you see a camel or hear a rhyme.

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