No Answers

Can I live?

No seriously can I survive?

Am I an endangered species

Do you think I’m from a different tribe?

Do I scare you with my speech

Or the way that I dress

When you see me approaching a woman

Is she a damsel in distress?

If I’m walking at night

Am I automatically a threat

Can I even pass your test

Or is the bar already set

If I’m gunned down in the street

Did I obviously deserve the aggression

Does it matter if the killers in uniform

Even with the proof, would you even ask the question?

Do you realize this life isn’t fair

But for some things are even worse

Do you realize you see a cop car

And we only see a hearse?

Do you think you can find the answer,

If you don’t acknowledge a problem is there?

Can the same people on your side

Also be the ones who try to touch your hair

Do you know we’re not that different

And what’s on the inside is what matters

Can’t you see that fear isn’t colorblind

They see black and then red, then blood spatters

Why should this end on a high note

If they don’t hear our cries

How can they say all lives matter

When they acquit those that kill Black guys

Will this fall on deaf ears,

Or worse be read by closed minds

How can they say all lives matter

Turn their backs and close their blinds

They can’t tell us the world is post racial

Or make excuses for it, say it’s what God's willed

Since you say that all lives matter

Doesn’t it matter when Black blood is spilled?

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