When You’re Not Around

When you’re not around I fart.

I’m sorry but it’s true

I might let a few slip

when I’m with you

But When I’m not,I let em rip

When you’re not around I swear at nothing

I scratch my balls, I pick my nose

I do the things I know you’d think were gross

It’s ok because nobody knows

When you’re not around I watch tv til late

I eat takeout and self medicate

I have to, to fill the time

It’s devoid of laughter and fun

Like TLC without Left Eye

When you’re not around I’m the same but somehow a bit less.

I still talk the same and wear the same dress

But I’m buried in worries and stress

I’m barely passing, when I’m usually acing this life test

When you’re not around I’m a lion

Full and watching the other animals from the hill

I’m king but solitary, passive but underlined with thrill

I could still run shit but I’m going to wait and chill

When you’re not around I’m fine and not at the same time

I can make the right jokes, puns and punch lines

But I don’t have the same feelings and can’t make the same rhymes

I’m coming up short, missing a quarter and a dime

When you’re not around it’s not as fun

Somehow I’m the only one not busy

I’m bored and there is no pun

Like an old cat, I’m miserable and pissy

I need you here, so come home dear

We can make up for lost time

I’m glad to be myself around you

I need your rhythm to fuel my rhyme

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