How to set family rules for your family?

Children needs healthy guidelines to mature into strong and independent individuals.

…”Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2
Image by Canva
Image by Canva

Step #1: Your sets of rules will reflect the type of parenting style you are practicing.

Step #2: Your rules should be age-appropriate.

Step #3:Your rules should include your beliefs, values, and principles.

Step #4: Be cautious not to have rules that have too low or too high of expectations for your children.

Step #5: Your family rules should be very clear about who is in charge.

Step #6: Your rules should include healthy boundaries and limits.

Step #7: Your family rules should be clear about respecting each other, healthy habits, and manners.

Step #8:Your family rules should include everyday tasks necessary to be done by every family member daily.



Whether it is parenting or life’s issues. I write to help guide and coach others through the different stages of their life as a whole. All my writings comes from a background of faith, personal experience and 10 years of working with different families.

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Krysty Kwally

Hi everyone! My name is Krysty. I am a Life and Parent Coach who enjoys writing articles about marriage, singleness, parenting, faith in God and much more..