The next level above acquaintance is casual friendship. Relationships at this level are based on common interests, activities and concerns, Casual friends meet more frequently than do acquaintances, and in avenues that are more personal: playing a sport, studying, or participating in other common hobbies. 
One characteristic of casual friendship is the freedom to ask specific questions concerning personal opinions, wishes, dreams and goals. 
At this level, the friendship is more involved and more personal than at the acquaintance level. Casual friends enjoy getting together occasionally to talk about or share their common interests. They begin to praise and encourage each other in their achievements and accomplishments 
Their attraction is more toward their common interests than toward each other in any emotional sense. Casual friends are not "serious" about other emotionally. Their friendship is nourished by the pleasure they derive from shared interests 
A casual friendship is one in which the people involved discover they have some things in common that draw them closer and is the natural outgrowth of an acquaintance relationship 
How do we strengthen our relationships with our casual friends? There are several ways 
First, we should seek to discover their strong points. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but too often all we hear about are our weaknesses. It is easy to criticize, but for some reason we find it much harder to praise and affirm. By focusing on our friends' strengths, we can build them up and help them grow stronger. 
 Second, we should try to learn about their hopes and desires life. What are their dreams? If they could have anything in the world, what would it be? If they could do anything they desired. 
what would they choose? Getting them to talk about their dreams helps them keep those dreams alive and encourages them to pursue them. 
A third way to be a good casual friend is to show interest and concern if our friends share a problem with us. We may or may not be able to do much to help, but sometimes what a person 
needs more than anything else is just a sympathetic listening ear 
Fourth, we need to be honest about ourselves and acknowledge our own faults to our friends when appropriate. We need to be quick to apologize and seek forgiveness if we hurt or offend 
and be transparent about our motives. Our honesty will encourage our friends to be honest with us. Honesty promotes honesty and always serves the greater good of everyone 
Along with honesty goes trustworthiness. Our friends need to know that they can trust us with information or with confidences they may need to share with us. A good friend does not go around spreading gossip go or talking to others about personal matters that another friend shared in confidence. 
Finally, as a good friend, we will talk to God about our friend’s needs, dreams, and desires. 
In other words, we will pray for our friends. Although this comes last in the list, praying for 
our friends is really the most important and significant thing we can do for them 
Praying for our friends is the most important and significant thing we can do for them

*Originally form Myles Monroe’sWaiting and Dating Book