True friendship is the strongest relationship of all, and is the
fundamental ingredient of every truly successful marriage
Friendship does not come today​ full bloom overnight, it takes time
to grow and mature.

The strongest and most successful long-term relationships
are those that are based on friendship rather than on any sense of
need or incompleteness on the part of either or both persons
involved. A relationship motivated by need destroys friendship
because it is essentially self-centered. A person in need will enter
a relationship seeking primarily to satisfy that need rather than
seeking to satisfy the needs of the other person or help build that
person’s character. Entering a relationship primarily for what we
can get out of it defrauds the other person, and that is sin

Many people ask,"How can I get to know someone without
slipping into inappropriate behavior? How can I build a relationship based on friendship rather than
physical attraction?" The
answer lies first in the nature and purpose of
friendship, which is to build character,
and, second understanding the different levels of friendship and the behavior that
appropriate for each level

Ultimately, our purpose in being a friend should be to
encourage, lift up, and help build the character of those with
whom we are friends, and to do all we can to assist them in
achieving their dreams. Naturally, we cannot do this with every
one we meet, or with anyone right off the bat. Friendship
develops in stages. Basically, there are four levels of friendship, and at
any given time most of us will have at least one person we know
at each level


The lowest level of friendship is that of acquaintance should have as many
I believe that everyone in the Body of Christ should have as many people as possible in this category.
. To the greatest degree with praccal, we should take the initiative to at least get acquainted

everyone we meet. A friendship of acquaintance is based on casual contact with very basic and general knowledge each oth
your favorite teams did, how school is going, how work is
general topics that won’t cause the person to feel threatened or that
you are trying to pry

Each level of friendship carries certain responsibilities, and
at the acquaintance level it is the responsibility to view our
acquaintances as divine appointments. As believers, we need to
realize that none of our encounters are accidental. God places
people in our paths and us in theirs that we might be a bless
ing to each other. He has foreordained that we meet. No one is
unimportant or beneath us. Everyone is significant and worthy of
our appreciation. We should be alert to discern the reasons God
brought them our way. It may be the beginning of a wonderful
life-long friendship

How can good acquaintances be friends? There are several
things we can do. First, be alert to every new person around us
Pay attention to their expressions
gestures, and what they are
doing. Learn as much about them as possible simply by watching
(but not staring)

Second, be careful to wear a cheerful, friendly countenance
In other words smile at people and be friendly. Some people around all the time with such scowls or frowns on their faces that no one even wants to be around them, much less talk to them
We shoul be cheerful and ready to talk, behaving in a manner that
encourages others to talk to us

Next, we should be careful to learn and remember their names It has been said that the sweetest sound in a person's ear
is the sound of his or her own name.
People appreciate being remembered as an individual rather than being marked off as a
number or just another faceless member of the crowd

Number four grows naturally from number three: greet them by name the next time
we see them. There is no faster way to begin developing a bond of friendship
with someone than for that person to realize that we care enough to remember his or her
name beyond our first meeting

A fifth step is to ask questions about their interests. Find out what motivates them what gets them up in the morning

Sixth, we should be good listeners

Seventh, we should remind ourselves of the interest that God has in them, and desire to have that same interest as well

*Originally from Myles Monroe’s Waiting and Dating Book