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Notes & Tips from the rehearsal hall

For twenty-three years, I have worked in the professional theatre. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest actors and directors in the Western theatre. My frame of reference is Canada and Ireland since these are the two places I have concentrated my career.

I have been an avid journal writer my whole life when it comes to working in the theatre. This started immediately after I graduated from theatre school in 1998. I was lucky enough to be thrust into a situation where I was working under a master director. A director who had worked with Gielgud and Olivier. Two of the three great knights!

I took down everything I could from him. It became a habit throughout my career to initiate personal conversations with some of the best and most experienced artists to document the great acting and directing lessons of the theatre.

I never ever considered writing a book. Then the war in Ukraine happened. I have a friend in Ukraine, and I wanted to step up to support their family when the s**t hit the fan.

How do I do this as a theatre artist? I do well enough to survive, but how do I support another family? I needed to find a way to raise some money to make this happen. A war could last many years.

I then realized my journals had some value. Many of the artists I had documented through personal conversations and many lunches had passed away. They could no longer pass on the lessons they had passed on to me.

These artists include John Barton, Brian Bedford, Martha Henry, William Hutt, Sir John Hurt, John Neville, Robin Phillips, and Christopher Plummer. If you don’t know them, look them up. The theatre mantle of these artists goes back to many of the legends of the Western theatre.

I have called the book “The Most Practical Damn Little Acting and Directing Book: Notes from the Rehearsal Hall”. They are practical lessons and tips on acting and directing from the mouths of these great theatre artists directly to me. They are the type of notes you can use immediately in the work. Notes that will elevate your craft to the next level. Notes that have been passed down from professional artist to professional artist over many decades, maybe even centuries. Maybe even Shakespeare himself, since you can follow the “six degrees of separation” to the master himself.

This eBook is very personal to me since they are quotes taken from personal conversations and connections with these great artists. They are my memories of a moment in time with these masters of the theatre. When I read the quotes back, I remember the exact moment and can hear their voices saying them to me. In the moment, they were revelations that changed me as an artist and immediately made me better.

I am grateful to them all for sharing their secrets with me. I like to think they would be proud that their words were being used to help fellow artists of the theatre, as well as help raise money for a great cause.

Thank you to all my mentors who made this eBook possible.

And to the people of Ukraine: Slava Ukraini!

If you would like a copy of my new eBook, please email me at:

I have priced the eBook at 4.99 USD and 6.40 Canadian. For a pittance, you can get gold acting and directing nuggets from the best! ;) And PLEASE pass my information and the eBook on to others!!! I will give a free personal online coaching session for 1 hour to anyone who purchases my book. So practise your monologues! :)

Thank you for your support.



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Lee Samuel Wilson

Lee Samuel Wilson


Lee holds Canadian, British & Irish citizenship. He is an actor, director, dramaturg, professor, and artistic director.