Life as an equation (a tolstoy teaser)

having just inserted my family members in to an applied maths equation to = me, I then realized I have been previously beaten to it, by the great russian tolstoy and his diary entry of 05 Jan 1910.


“ I am sad. The people who live around me seem terribly alien to me.

I have been trying to think how to react to the irreligious people of this world.

Perhaps the best approach is to treat them like animals: love them, pity them but make no attempt to enter into spiritual relations.

Such attempts at connection would only produce unkindly feelings.

These people do not comprehend my reality, and by their lack of comprehension and self-assurance, employing rational argument to darken the truth, refuting truth and goodness, they provoke me to unkindness.

I express myself very badly, but I feel one must cultivate in oneself a special attitude toward such people so as not to impair one’s ability to love them.”