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Life as Art

Authenticity, Meaning and Values 1

Existence as Process: Authenticity

Charles Taylor (2012) by Makhanets — own work, previously published, CC BY-SA 3.0, public domain from Wikimedia Commons

Heidegger’s Authenticity

For Heidegger, authenticity is an attitude in which one engages in projects that result in constructing oneself, creating a narrative for one’s self.

In life, we are simultaneously thrown into the world, and creating our being through our projects.

Taylor’s Authenticity

He identifies a “triumph of the therapeutic” as that which creates a hedonism of authenticity, and argues instead for a thick notion of authenticity that is informed by some sense of the good.

Not a Transcendent Subject

We have the freedom to explore and experiment authentically with moral sources, visions of the good, and authentically search for that which personally resonates within, provides us with meaning and value, and enables us to discover or rediscover our own enchantment with the world.

In this sense, authenticity requires maintaining bonds to collective questions of worth that point beyond our own preferences, and making “strong evaluations” of questions of worth.



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