Life as Art
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Life as Art

Deleuze and Fragmentation 2

Perspectivism and the 20th Century: Modernism

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso — Museum of Modern Art, New York, PD-US, from Wikimedia

They explored the inner workings of human experience, new ways of seeing the world, and new ways of understanding the conversations we have with ourselves in attempting to interpret those new visions.

Creative Reality

Modernists rejected an ideology of realism and embraced new perspectives on experience. They sought a wider sense of reality, both spatial and temporal; a willingness to engage with a plurality of ideas embracing the open.

Visual Art

Such movements in visual art departed from realist sensibility and forced us to ask what further meaning we could find through the affective use of light, color and composition.


A euphoric sense of the power of human creativity permeated early Modernism, a sense that human creativity could provide a new order and purpose in the world.

The Rise of Narratives

A stress on freedom of expression and experimentation gave way to reactionary narratives intended to unify.



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