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Life as Art

Rawlsian Affirmation of Difference 3

Deleuze and Rawls as Political Naturalists

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Public morality is not the comprehensive morality of right and wrong; nor that of good and evil.

Supplementing Deleuze with Rawls

Visions of the good that would destroy other people’s ability to pursue the good are clearly beyond the freedoms we enjoy under a liberal form of government.

Aspects of a comprehensive conception of the good that would separate others from their power to pursue their own conceptions of the good are deterritorialized by the liberal state.

Affirm Life

Rawls’ theory is a public framework for setting up the conditions for our inherent ability to go to the limit of what we are, individually and collectively.

Rawls’ vision is of the thin pluralistic state that promotes the ability of all to pursue the good in their own way, affirming life; but reciprocally, rejects reactive forces and dominating power in society that would interfere with other people’s ability to pursue the good.

Liberal State as a Deterritorializing Force

Maximum freedom and equality before the law under terms that are fair to all promotes change and diversity; promotes becoming, is an affirmation of pure difference.

Interdependence as Process

To interconnect, in society and beyond is to affirm life; it is to create socially.

No Transcendent Subject

There is the mutual respect of citizens qua citizens, but there is no thick morality attached to cooperation in society.

Living Principles

The principles agreed on are arrived at by us as parties to the original position who understand that our actualizations matter; but the principles evolve as we evolve; they are living principles, principles of life in the social and political.

Political liberalism blasts through transcendent representation, the dogmatic image of thought, to arrive at a purely constructivist vision of society, one that is actualized but evolves, so long as power in society does not block, does not reactively striate, the affirmation of life.

Political Naturalism

The essence of the liberal political state is the affirmation of all forms of life, and the denial of striations in society that would defeat life.



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