Clearly there are some hidden messages. Just like in that old container where letters are carried to a far away land. But now you can just email or sent it via messaging apps.

Back to the message. Sometimes those messages are directly told to us. Sometimes we have to have common sense to decode it and bring it to a meaningful yet sometimes destructive opening.

Most of the times we send messages to others. Always we ignore ourselves. We must sen message to ourselves and remind us that we are so lucky. We are alive. We are a God given creature that has message to bring to the world.

Sometimes our body is the message. Our gestures. Our silence. Or our screams!

Days and nights might be the signs. Lonely nights. Boring days.

Companions might be the signs. Give them up. Go out! Make new friends! Out in the jungle so that you can see your co-predators!

And ultimately we might be the signs? The sign to end the battle..make peace not love?

Am I missing something?

I hope not..

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