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Life At 5280

It’s almost time to ride — On getting ready and feeling ready, with 6 days to go

Wrapping my head around the CTR
Although I plan to do most riding during the day, I have to be ready to start pre-dawn. I’ll be using the Meteor Vortex Pro light.
You can follow the dots of the racers (Grand Depart is July 25 at 4AM) at
Some of the nutrition and supplies to be packaged and packed
  • *”Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” — Mike Tyson
  • Just a quick note, that while I’ve established a plan, I also fully recognize that — especially in a backcountry mountain race during monsoon season with thunderstorms, the plan will be subject to change. This race will definitely make me harness a mindset of adaptability.



A collection of stories about bicycling and adventures in Colorado and beyond, in the search for how to manifest our best selves.

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Patricia George

Physician, athlete, and lover of the outdoors. Seeking to understand how we manifest our best selves. Inspired by hope. Opinions are my own.